HELP! $600 jewelry in pieces after 3 days-no refund/exchange

  1. Hi guys, I am kind of in a predicament and I came here because I knew there are a lot of intelligent purse forum members and I was hoping you guys could help me. Brace yourself because it is a little long and can be kind of confusing. So for V-day, I got my boyfriend a ring w/ a diamond in it for $250 from this store called Jia Hua Jewelery in Flushing, NY. Little did I know, at the same time,my boyfriend had bought me a diamond bangle bracelet from the very same store..but I didn't like it because it the white gold part looked cheap and looked rough in some areas like it was badly made..despite the diamonds, I honestly thought he had gotten it at a 99cents store at first. Little did I know he paid $480 for it. He didn't want his ring either because he didn't want a diamond in it so he wanted to exchange his ring for a plainer ring and use the leftover money to buy me a better bracelet. The store owners were unhappy when they saw our face again and were reluctant ot let us exchange and kept rushing us out. Everything I picked out was either too cheap or too expensive compared to our balance but finally I found one that was pretty cute and not far from our balance. She didn't give us a receipt and we never thought of asking for one because we trusted them and we thought it was final and we forgot (big mistake!) Everynight I've been tkaing it off at ngiht because I didn't want it getting caught on my blankets and stuff while I sleep so I put in the box and wear in the morning. To unhook the bracelet, you have to unhook 2 clasps and press down a little to release it. I was spressing down LIGHTLY and usddenly all the diamonds fell out from the plate somehow and it was seirosuly like tiny glass chips.. today I went back to see if the could fix it or replace it or let me exchange..and the seoncd I went out the owner was yellign at me sayign I bent it..and he kept flinging around int he air and more diamonds fell out. I couldn't belive it.Althgouh I was thinking it in my head, I never you sold me a bracelet of horrible quality! you crooks! because there were customers there..but then he started screaming how I am a liar and waving a finger and my mom's face.. I lost it! You don't mess with my mom!afterwards, we asked for a copy of the receipt and they said they threw it away becaues my bf didn't want it and told me to go look in the garbage then. how rude!! But i knew that was a lie because we never said we didn't wnat a receipt and I kenw they had to have a copy of our purchase for their own file taxes too! They kept lying sayign that they didn't have a reciept and finall admitted it and gave us a copy.What kind of store accuses their cusotmer sof lying the second they wlak in and not even offer a refund or to fix it??? or excahnge it even??Shouldn't they know their long term success and security depends on their honesty toward customers???don't they know that their long term success and security depends on their honesty toward customers>??? anyways, so they threateened to call security..whcih they did..and then threatened to call cops..which they did..but no one ever came.. Now i am stuck with an even more damaged bracelet..and I don't know what to do. I neevr bent it but as I was examining it later it look sbent but I don't know if he did it while he was chekcing it out because I wasn't pay too much attention to it..but I know Id idn't bend it..I only was clasping it the way she taught me!! I normalyl am shy and would never argue liek this..but my boyfriend worked hard for his money! we're only students and he seirosuly never buys himself ANYTHING but food. He doesn't buy clothes, games, etc for himself. He spent all the money he makes on me and now $500 is down to a waste. I know it's not a huge sum of money but I don't want the jewelers to do this to anyoen else.. I want at least a report filed but I don't think the cops care! What can I do? Any adivce would be appreciated. Thank you all, even for reading this.
  2. Please Please Please write to the Better Business Bureau. They will write a complaint up and trust me it is hard to get it taken off.

    Report it to the Police as well.

    Did you buy with a credit card or?
  3. If you paid with a credit card, contact the cc company, you are probably covered.
  4. I agree with twinkle.tink. Just call your credit card company and tell them. Most of the time they'll simply reverse the charges.

    If you paid with a check, call your bank.
  5. I agree, you should let your credit card company know what happened and dispute the charge. Reporting to BBB is also a good idea.
  6. I would definitely report this to the police to see what can be done, also definitely the Better business bureau, and talk to your credit card company, and your bank. He should not be aloud to get away with this at all. Shame on him and his sorry company. It is a good thing you wrote out the name of the jewelry store so that others are warned as well.
  7. Man, that's horrible! I do hope you paid with a card, so it is official when and who you paid and do try to get it back. They should NOT get away with this!!! And how rude they are! I always say, if people get mad, they have something to hide... maybe the stones aren't even real. Get it checked out and report it to the police or your bank if they won't refund you... Please keep us updated!
  8. Oh wow, I 'm so sorry to hear about this. What street is this store on? I'll make sure I let all my NYC friends know to boycott it. If u paid w/ cash, I would bring some macho male friends there and demand a refund, and threaten not to leave unless getting the money back. That is if you have the time. Best time is wkends, when store is busy, don't be afraid to make a scene and let other consumers know. Good luck!
  9. what a doing business !

    Good luck !
  10. Seriously that entire process sounded like a total nightmare!! I can not believe something that was supposed to bring you so much happiness turned into this!! Stand your ground, and let us know how it goes.
    So awful. Basturds.
  11. I think they know full well that they sold you shoddy goods and now they don't want anything to do with you. I hope you are able to get this resolved. I don't know if small claims court would be an option. Maybe someone on the forum has had experience with this course of action.
  12. Absolutely report them to the BBB! $500 is a large sum of money as far as I am concerned...even if it was $5, you should get your hard earned monies worth! And I have to agree with the chargeback...if BF paid with a CC, call the CC company up and tell them what happened
  13. ohhh something doesn't seem right. The business has something to hide and I would get your money back. Call the BBB and ask them what you should do and if you did pay by the card get them to refund you. A business should be happy you came back to do more business and if there was something wrong with the product he should be more helpful, it's not like he didn't know who you were. Really really shady, get this done quick.
  14. I agree, call your cc company and sort it out. They seem very fishy. Definitely report it to BBB and also post it to also.
    Don't let this down until something gets done. If he did this to you, he'll definitely do it to others and it has to be stopped.
  15. Did you tell the store that you're going to report them to the police and BBB? That threat alone may make them take you seriously.