HELP!! 5TH grade Math

  1. There are 7 girls on the bus, each girl has 7 backpacks, each backpack holds 7 big cats, each big cat holds 7 little cats, how many legs are there on the bus???

    I am not this stupid I swear.....:hysteric:
  2. 91 legs
  3. I got this the other day and figured out the answer to open the Excel spreadsheet that goes with it. Do you have the spreadsheet?

    It's far more than 91.

    ETA - this is a link to the Excel spreadsheet. The correct answer will open the document.
  4. Really? Maybe I am the dumb one! LOL

    7 girls equals 14 legs

    7 backpacks with 7 cats in it equals 28 legs

    the 7 cats holding 7 more cats equals 49 legs (you only count the new cats legs)

    so, that totals 91 legs

    What did I do wrong?
  5. 238
  6. Does "91" open the spreadsheet? Most people (including me) have to read it a few times to get it.
  7. Nishi, each big cat is holding 7 little cats.
  8. This won't open the spreadsheet, either.
  9. I got 238 too. Are we suppose to assume there is a bus driver?
  10. Argh...thought it was 238...

    14 girls legs

    28 big cat legs

    196 little cat legs

    I'm all confused now. :lol:
  11. We did finally get it, just now :yahoo:and yes it was way more than 91. The more we tried the more confused we got (lol) and it really made me feel stupid.

    And yes BNJJ it was an email for the spreadsheet.
  12. 2758!? lol
  13. Yeah-I feel really dumb now. i got the part of each big cat holding a little cat-but, I had already counted the big cats legs. Argh-boy, i feel stupid.............slinking off now

    never was good with math-I was an English major..........LOL
  14. okay 10990?
  15. Noo, Nishi, don't go, I'm still confused! :lol: