Help! $500 towards any item...

  1. What would you get? I currently have a credit to use at a department store, and would like to use it towards something Chanel. I was thinking about the Wallet on Chain (black reissue)...any other ideas? I already have the Timeless Clutch in black caviar, what other colors are out there now? The best situation would be to not have to put too much more of my own money towards the item, but of course, if its love, I just may have to!:graucho:

    And what do you guys think about getting a LV Speedy? Its a classic bag, but LV Monogram isn't so much my thing (not very "me"), so I'm not sure how much I'd actually wear it, but I figure it would basically be free...

    Please help! And TIA :smile:
  2. A Chanel wallet or sunglasses should cost around USD $500. Some cute accessories, such as necklace, earrings may cost less than or around $ 500 as well (if they are less than $500, you can actually buy more than 1 item :tup:). Wallet on Chain is good too, but I think it will cost more than USD$ 1300.

    Regarding LV speedy, I don't think it's a bad choice either. You know, in fact, you can get speedy in Epi leather or Damier Azur, not necessarily monogram; and these speedies in Epi leather or Damier Azur are also classic, but with a twist.

    Anyway, let us know what you've decided to get. Hope you will enjoy it no matter what you have chosen. :yes:
  3. The Chanel camellia wallets are so gorgeous. Definately check them out. The short's around 545 and the long is 650 or so.
  4. I know this isn't the LV forum, but if you don't want the monogram, why not get the Damier? I actually prefer it to the monogram because (at least around here) people don't carry that nearly as much and it isn't as oversaturated in the market. They are the same price. There is also the Damier Azur.

    Anyway, regarding Chanel, I'd likely put it towards some pearls. I LOVE the classic pearls. I also would consider the classic quilted flap wallet. Typically, when I have a GC that is that much, I like to put it towards things that I have a hard time spending money on. I love the two things I mentioned but when it's "my" money, I would often rather put it towards a bag or shoes if that makes sense.

    I'm sure you'll find something that is right for you. : )
  5. how about the charm necklace, its will cost about $1400 though but its really hard to find
  6. Get an east/west! Very classy style.
  7. -Mmmm I agree!!!
  8. Ditto on the Camellia wallet! I own one and it's pretty!
  9. get a wallet on a chain :smile: i want one!
  10. ....or Chanel shoes:graucho: