HELP - 3rd LV, first Mono?

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  1. I'm now ready to buy me a new LV:yahoo: and I'm very excited. I already have a Speedy 30 in Damier and a Pochette in Azur.

    I thought I'm now ready for a first Mono piece because I also like this pattern very much. But here are so many fakes round (predominantly Mono) what discouraged me from buying Mono. But when I sometimes see ladies with a real mono speedy(with nice patina) it really makes me wanting one too.

    I thought about another Speedy or a Neverfull (another problem I have to think about!)!!!
    What would you do when you know that soo many Mono fakes (especially speedys:cry:smile: are around in your area? Stick with Damier pattern or nevertheless buying mono?

    I hope you all can understand what I mean. Difficult to describe!:sweatdrop:
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Go for the mono if you really want it. Atleast you can say that yours is real. But I don't really like the Neverfull in mono.
  3. Well.. there's fakes of everything where I came from, so I don't really care about it that much.
    If I were you, I'm just gonna go ahead and buy what I wants.
    I know that there's people outside other than myself, who can tell which ones are fake and which are not.
    Knowing that I'm NOT carrying any fakes is good enough for me. JMI (:*
  4. @thtpr3pkid

    I really favour the mono speedy because I'm more a handheld person! But also like the neverfull !!!! very difficult^^
  5. I love the neverfull in Damier Azur. But I would rather get a speedy over NF. Although there are probably more fakes that look real of the speedy. I've seen fakes of Neverfulls that are obviously fake because of the size of the handles.
  6. Go for Mono. Why don't you get a Mon Mono Speedy or NF? That will show that it's real.
  7. What about getting a pre-loved mono in a style you like? I notice a lot of mono Gallieras being sold lately (yes, I'm still looking for an Ebene one!). I got my mono Galliera from Yoogi's Closet because I hate having to wait for my bags to develop a patina - and an awesome patina is the best way to show your bag is real :P

    Though I agree with earthx too - get the style you want, because otherwise you'll end up keeping the bag in the closet.
  8. it's not so much important that people know my bag is real. it's more that I need a push to courage myself to buy a mono.

    also thought about buying a preloved one. but it's really difficult to find one here in Germany exept ...bay because we don't have many online shops selling preloved designer bags. so I thought it's better to buy it new.
  9. Hi lduna I totally understand your concerns about the Mono print, but I think that there's also nothing like adding a piece of Mono to your collection, it would really round it up! What about the Monty PM or GM? I always think that its a nice compromise on the Speedy in that it's a shoulder bag but with the zip,general interior layout&size of a speedy? Also, I've seen in pics that it looks equally as nice handheld if you prefer that more.

    I defo say go for Mono though, you won't regret it once you find the style for you!:smile:
  10. @Clibee

    Thank you. You are so right. Also thought that I have to add a Mono piece to my little collection and that I perhaps only think about it so much because it's my first Mono bag I want to buy.

    def will try the Monty in store because I want to see it in real life. it's really pretty too.
  11. I know exactly what you mean. I was always smitten with the Mono print so it was a little easier for me (the Mono Pochette was my first ever LV) and I felt the same was about getting a Damier Ebene purse, that I would be *cheating* on my Mono purses!:amuse:

    I know your concerns about the amount of fakes out there but from experience I know that no matter how good the replicas are getting, once you own a Mono print bag you truly see how much better quality the real thing is&how noticeable the differences between the real and replicas are.

    You'll love the Mono print!Best of luck&please do a reveal when you get your purse (I'm still waiting for Dublin to get the Mono NF in stock :-s)
  12. get a Mono Speedy -- so classic!!
  13. @Clibee

    thank you this helps me very much with my decision! I will visit the store next week. I hope they have sth in stock then:amuse: so that I can make a reveal^^
    hopefully you get your neverfull soon. I'm curious about your reveal;)


    really love speedys. I notice I def need a mono for my collection......
  14. Go for the Speedy! Also, in my opinion, the Mono NF looks best in the GM size. Good luck choosing!
  15. There are fakes of every line of LV's out there. I'm not a fan of the neverfull, but I do love the speedy. But get whatever appeals to you the most.