HELP! 35cm Trim in what color???


What color for a 35cm Clemence Trim w/PH

  1. Chocolate

  2. Rouge Garance

  3. Other Color (what?)

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  1. Alright ladies, I need your help! :s I tried on a 35cm Trim today and love it, and would prefer it in Clemence w/PH, but am having a very hard time deciding on a color. :shrugs: I wear mostly neutral colors.

    DH is thinking brown, whereas I am thinking perhaps the Rouge Garance (but I am putting in an order for a JPG in this color) or some other fun color. Any of your valuable opinions would be great! TIA! :flowers:

    Oops....sorry...I accidentally made the poll public not meaning to and don't know how to change it--mods if you can make it private that would be great. Thx.
  2. Ooooh... a Trim would be so perfect for you, Orchids. And truthfully, Rouge Garance would be beautiful as would Chocolate but how about maybe Blue Jean? I think there's a pic in the Members Hermes Items thread showing Sofibella's BJ Trim and it really looks lovely.
  3. I have a chocolate Trim, and I love the style. But after a few months of wearing it, I do wish the color was a bit more nuanced or sophisticated, if you know what I mean.

    I think a darker brown like ebene might be wonderful, as would cognac. But if I could score one in Raisin before it stops being available, I think that would be a sweet choice. It's purple-ish, but very neutral and nice heading into fall and winter.
  4. I agree wif shopmom411.
    A trim in red or blue jean is stunning.
    Besides, bright-colored accessories would brighten up yar outfit.

    This is a red trim that i've found on eBay. It looks fantastic!
  5. Brighton Blue, perhaps..or Gold with white stitch, a beautiful color and neutral too!
  6. Rouge Garance.
  7. Thx for the feedback ladies!

    D--I thought the same thing re: BJ--I normally don't like it on me, but it looked so lovely in the case w/that white stitching that I tried it on, and I'm sad to confirm that this color just does not look right on me for some reason. :crybaby:

    Coco-nut--thanks for that feedback re: the brown trim; that's the precise feeling I have re: the brown. It's definitely practical enough, but I worry that down the road I may have regrets about not getting another shade. Hmmm...never thought about raisin...will think about that one.

    Rachelle--thx for that link---I've been drooling over that one too...

    isus--i tried on the 35cm in gold, and it's beautiful--I am thinking about saving the gold for a 35cm Birkin down the road. Did not even think about Brighton blue as I have yet to see it in person---that could be a possibility! thx for the suggestion!
  8. Yes....Blue Jean is hard for me to wear too, T. Thought maybe you could pull it off though. I kinda like the whole Rouge Garance or Raisin idea for you as you really gravitate toward color and wear it so well! Raisin is a good don't have anything in that color range yet, do you?
  9. Oh, oops.....I meant, Aubergine!
  10. how about Vert Anis or Vert Chartreuse ??

    both colors go well with brown shade and so pretty.
  11. I have a Rouge H 31 with palladium and love it. Rouge H Clemence is so beautiful!
  12. I'm a neutral gal, and I would get either Ebene (it's gorgeous in Clemence) or Rouge Garance or Raisin (if it's still around)
  13. Very helpful input ladies! I really appreciate your invaluable thoughts.

    Hermes BB--I tried on the Chartreuse as well in the store--lovely.

    GT--I cannot believe I didn't think about Rouge H! Oiy, another great choice. Thx.
    Duna & Dior--The RG is quite beautiful in Clemence. It's definitely up there at this moment.

    This is a tough decision. Raisin, Rouge H, or RG now. Hmmmm....
  14. I choose Chocolate, it goes with everything. And if yor only geting one then get one that you'll laways be wearing!
  15. My two favorite Trims I've seen in person have been Rouge H and Potiron. :love:
    I'd go for a red in a second. So pretty!:flowers: