Help! 30 Birkin in Red Togo: Better with PH or GH?

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  1. I have the opportunity to snag a brand new Red Birkin, size 30 in Togo leather. I called the store to check on where I am on the list for the 35 Birkin in black Togo leather that I've been waiting for close to a year now and the list hasn't moved much since. But to my suprise, the SA told me that they happened to have a red one with no one's name on it!

    Here's the has gold hardware and I'm wondering if this color combination is too "mature" looking? This will be my very first Birkin so I really don't know if I should take it or just keep waiting for my black one. I know its a rare opportunity, but I keep thinking that the red would look better with silver hardware rather than gold.

    What do you guys think? Is red/silver typically the more popular choice? Which color combination would you guys prefer? Should I get it or should I pass? TIA!!!
  2. Do you know which red it is? There are a few shades.

    Regardless--I love red with any hardware. If you are happy and comfortable carrying a red bag, I would grab it.
  3. go in and take a look at it. you might be pleasantly surprised of how gorgeous that combo can be. try it on.. if it doesn't make your heart sing. then wait.
    an hermes purchase should be 100% perfection. to you. :yes:
  4. Most of the reds I have seen have silver hardware. I have seen one red with gold and it blew me away . . . . I say GO FOR IT, it is beautiful
  5. My personal preference is red with gold as well.
  6. depends on the red for me...with garrance perhaps palladium, with vermillion, I say gold...vif could go either way for me.
  7. i think red and gold is a stunning combination! i say go for it!
  8. If you love it, then go for it!! :smile:
  9. Ditto, what RC says !
  10. I love red & gold but I usually pick bags w/ hardware(goldtone or brass) that compliments my jewelry(90 % YG items, some tricolor, a couple of travel pieces in WG)

    I'm sort of nutty so I'd pass if the HW wasn't "right". Some people are sane and don't mind mixing metals at all.:lol:
  11. I think palladium is usually the more popular choice for any color. I also think that you should see the bag IRL and if you love it, get it! When I ordered my blue jean Birkin, I was told that it wouldn't look right with gold hardware and that palladium would be much better, and I almost didn't get the gold. I'm glad I did, and now I carry it with pride!
  12. Its all down to you! Go and see the bag and see if it goes "ding ding ding!" for you. I love gold hardware on red, but when you see it, you might not. Only one way to find out!

  13. :yes:
  14. r u is gorgeous gorgeous! gorgeous!! w/gold
  15. oops, I forgot to add IMHO.....that's how much I love red w/gold