HELP! 2nd ever LV purchase

  1. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to TPF but I already find it hard to pull myself away from it. I have admired LV for a while but never bought anything. My boyfriend got me the Damier Speedy 25 for the recent holidays and I am totally in love, though now I find it hard to carry any of my other (less awesome) bags. But I work and need a bag to carry legal document size items and only little more. I love the Damier line, but since this would be only my second purchase, I'm wary of getting another piece, but I could be persuaded!

    So to the point, I am looking for a bag to carry on the shoulder that would fit documents, preferably not in monogram because I think it might be a bit much for the office, plus extra vachetta care. Suggestions? I have been eyeing the Saleya PM but I don't know if its big enough. Thanks in advance!!
  2. oh just go in to lv and look at them all! :smile:

    there are soooo many options.
  3. does it have to be damier?

    if not, have you seen the Epi Passy GM? :love:
  4. Sac plat in Damier or maybe a briefcase?
  5. The Saleya MM might be better for what you have in mind. It's bigger than the PM. If you want another line, how about the vernis Brentwood?

    There are lots of choices. That's the hard part. The fun part is that you get to look at all those LVs!!! Good luck!
  6. The Saleya PM is a bit small, have you tried out the MM size?
  7. BH is a good piece if you want one in mono.
  8. Saleya MM in Azur? Not that much Vachetta :biggrin: Maybe an epi piece? :biggrin:
  9. Thanks for all the feedback so far! Does the Sac Plat fit over your shoulder? I really like the Epi line and have been considering the Passy GM but could you also fit the smaller one over your shoulder?

  10. the smaller one is only a handheld bag (unless you're really tiny :p )
  11. What about a antigua cabas gm.
  12. Maybe a Parioli? That's a good damier shoulder bag!
  13. Damier Uzes.:love:
  14. I'd go with a Saleya MM or a Parioli. I don't know why but I think the Parioli is gorgeous and you don't see it around that often.
  15. I like the idea of the Sac Plat too. You could look at it in MC, Damier or Epi. I think you asked if it would fit over your shoulder....yes, I believe it can. I've seen pictures of Angelina Jolie wearing her MC Sac Plat on her shoulder.