Help! 2nd Chanel classic flap(medium) gold or silver hardware?

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  1. I already have a classic flap jumbo -----black caviar gold hardware.
    Now I'm getting a second classic flap medium size---- also in black caviar .
    But I'm not sure which hardware should I get ?
    Gold hardware looks more outstanding than the silver one. But I already have a jumbo ghw.
    Decision , decision .....
    Ghw or shw ?
  2. Help help help !
  3. i find that the SHW is less formal, but that's just me. i say go for the SHW as you already have the GHW. congratulations in advance on your new bag!
  4. I favour the GHW, but I nearly always wear Gold jewellery and I like everything to match. x
  5. Needs help pls !
  6. I prefer GHW but since you already got one... What is the purpose of the bag? If you buy the one with GHW, will you just use one of them or both?
  7. I personally would choose the silver for your 2nd flap, that way you have options for styling with different jewelry, etc. Good luck deciding! :heart:
  8. I'd take the SHW, because otherwise you will have two bags that are very much alike. Good luck choosing!
  9. Another vote for silver hardware - again because you have gold hardware already on a very similar bag plus I agree that silver has a slightly more casual feel to it and that's a nice option to have. I got silver hardware on my Medium Caviar Flap bc I already had a reissue with gold hardware.
  10. Silver
  11. Silver gets my vote :smile:
  12. SHW, since you have GWH in jumbo size so you get the best of both world
  13. one more for silver to diversify your collection. :smile:
  14. And another for SHW only because you already have gold in a similar bag. May I ask why you are purchasing another CF also caviar, same colour but medium size? Do you think you will end up using both or primarily the one with that stands out to you more (you mentioned the GHW stands out more to you)?
  15. I vote for shw too. I personally like a mixture to my collection...different colors and hardware. But I've seen many family portraits with mostly black bags. It's all personal preference.