HELP!!! 28 cm or 32 cm for the Fuschia Kelly???

  1. I will be a dead wife and I will let you know when I am still alive this weekend but I am getting this baby.:push: :sweatdrop: :nuts:

    Okay..I think some of you already know the story but I have 32 cm Fuschia Kelly on hold and I needed the reassurance of the size. Which is best on me? I am 5'2". I tend to lean toward 28 cm in thinking that great size to wear a nigh too but 32 seems to be a perfect size for everyday bag. I have to decide soon, I will John this morning to hold the 28 cm just incase I change my mind!

    Voice your opinion please and help me to decide. John though the 32 cm will be great size with onlt $100 different to the price compared to the 32 cm, I think the same. I think I am going to go for the 32 because probably I wear more on day time anyway. What do think????:s
  2. I hope you live through this lol!! Okay so I'm 5'2" also - is it rigide or souple? I have a 32 souple and love it...I could probably do a 28 souple as is BRIGHT...but fun and you are much do you carry normally?
  3. ST, I'd go for the 32cm if it was souple/retourne as it won't seem as boxy on you as it would with the rigide/sellier since you're petite. If it's rigide/sellier, perhaps the 28cm would work best on.
  4. I will ask John if the Kelly is retourne or souple. The leather is Chevre Coromandel (sp).
    Thanks for your advice orchids and shoes!

    What are the diff between Rigide and sellier? Also retourn and souple?:confused1: :push:
  5. He he..thanks..I don't feel I am that young but thanks for the compliment my dear!

    What color of kelly do you have and leather shoes?
  6. You lean more to 32cm based from your post so I agree with the rest that 32 is the perfect size for you. You can carry it for both daytime and night time.:yes:
  7. The whole name thing is confusing--I wish they just kept the original names of rigide/souple--so much more intuitive!

    Sellier (used to be called Rigide)-outside stitching, stiffer, more formal/boxy in appearance, more expensive due to the extra labor required to craft.
    Retourne (used to be called Souple)-inside stitching, softer, more casual in appearance. In general, you can fit more in a retourne than sellier in bags of equal sizes because there's more "give" in a Retourne.

    I'm sure the other H-experts can add more, but here it is in a nutshell!
  8. Orchids good explanation! I stick with my rigide, souple words myself lol! My 32 is chevre and is the souple...more casual IMO...
  9. I think 32 would be much more useful...and stunning!!!
  10. My ideal is 32cm Rigide Fuschia (like Lan Van's). GORGEOUS!!!! You're a lucky girl Sweetea!!
  11. Darnit, all this Fuschia Kelly talk is making me want one!
  12. Thanks E! I thought La van's is 28?:confused1: But it is so hard to decide between this two sizes..I hope by tomorrow I will know for sure but from the votes so far the 32 is the most popular size.:nuts:
  13. Another vote for 32! :yes:
  14. Thanks Princess!!

    orchids, I can tell John to hold the other bag for you!!! Let me know!!! We wil be twin although maybe diff in size!!
  15. gigi..thanks for the vote! wow it has been awhile! You are sofa What did you do??:p

    What do you think of the fuschia color??:graucho: