Help - 25 or 30 in the Damier!!!!!

  1. I have both in my cart and I just can't decide. I think I should probably get the 25 because I don't carry very much but I don't want it to look tiny? Votes please - 25 or 30??
  2. i would get the 30. that's what i'm getting. i usually don't carry a lot of stuff either but from time to time i will throw magazines and other unnecessary things in my bag. and besides its only $20 more.
  3. 30-I love mine..and its not that big IRL
  4. 30!
  5. Another 30!
  6. I have to vote for the 25. I have the mono 25 and 30 and the 30 felt too big (even though I do use bigger bags such as the bh).

    My damier 25 should arrive today!!
  7. 25! The 30 is HUGE! I love my 25 it is just right
  8. The 25 for sure. I had the Mono 30 and it was just too big for me. You'd be suprised on how much you can fit in a 25.
  9. How tall are ya??

    By the way I see you have a speedy 25 in epi. The damier/monogram speedy 25 is smaller than the epi 25. Its like the Cerises 25. I was shocked how small it was. But due to its great shape, it does hold a lot. Either one is fine. I got the 30.
  10. 30...the 25 is tiny!!
  11. Is the 30 closer in size to the epi 25??
  12. Oh - I'm only 5'2"
  13. So the epi speedy tends to run alittle bigger huh? Wow I didn't know that. I learn something new everyday here. I'm excited cuz my red/silver epi speedy has been shipped!!
  14. i just got the 30! get the 30! :P
  15. 25!!
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