Help! 20-something job interview/Chanel in the workplace: Chanel or NOT to Chanel?

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  1. Hi All!

    I've been struggling with this for a couple weeks now. I will be interviewing for this government internship in a couple weeks, and the position is actually very sought after. I've been planning my attire, and I can't help to think how gorgeous a Chanel would look with all of my potential outfits.

    But here's the problem, do I bring it or not? I don't want to potentially give off the "wrong" impression to someone. I've had bad experiences at previous jobs where people saw my designer bags and assumed "ugh, why even bother working, little rich girl" -which is the furthest from the truth, because I work very hard for those bags! But I understand that being relatively young (24) can kind of be touchy to older/established professionals, that might not appreciate a good designer bag like a Chanel.

    My uncle, who works for the organization I will be interviewing into took me to take my initial placement exam, and I was carrying an LV speedy, since I had to set it on the floor and I didn't want it to get a Chanel dirty (and I didn't think anything of it, because... it's "just" an old speedy -does that sound bad? sorry, LOL) And he made the comment of: "wow, LV to the exam, you probably have a better bag than the proctor!" but in a cute way, although I couldn't help to think "o, no... I hope they don't think anything"

    So all of this REALLY made me question it:
    -What are all of your thoughts? Do it, or not... And any of you struggling/struggled with the same dilemma?

    -Professionals, do you ever feel like you have to "hide" your bags at work?

    and can't help to think: if it's a "big NO" ...does that mean I need to hide all my designer bags the entire duration I'm at this job?! :hysteric:

    Thanks in advance for all your thoughts/suggestions/comments!
  2. p.s. anyone else ever have a "bad" bag experience at work/with co-workers?
  3. ^^i think i can relate to this...its never easy as its natural and very common for other ladies especially to get jealous and give you odd looks...

    so i try to be discreet and for awhile id just bring in non-logo bags, things that done scream chanel or LV (not that i have many LV bags i use anyhow...) but if I did wear chanel...i walk in with the CC part facing inside towards my body and for the rest of the day its sitting on my chair in my office...

    i think over time tho people in my office noticed i wore different things...they said more of an "LA" look or something cos DC can get pretty stuffy and boring (no offense to anyone in DC who wears suits etc...) but yah...i definitely wouldnt wear any clothing that said Chanel on it or even my Chanel charms patch cardigan etc...

    i would say to play it safe, take a bag like a YSL muse or something that is less logo flashy...even tho the Chanel timeless classic flaps arent...that chain and the CC closure is just more obvious...if that makes any sense...
    hope this helps some! :smile:
  4. For the interview, Leave your purse in the trunk of your car.. and bring in your portfolio (nicer folder) with your resume & references in it. I'd be careful bringing in a noticeable purse on an interview.. just because other people may judge you on what your carrying. You just don't want to leave them (your impression) with anything to judge you on.. kwim?

    Then after your hired on.. depending on your work environment.. (for example, I'm careful bringing in my Chanels to work. .just because my male boss knows about fashion.. and I'm sure has a good clue as to how much it costs) you can get a sense and feel of how your co-workers are and how they take on to handbags.. and what not. G:huh:d luck on your interview!! Clean, Crisp, and fresh~!
  5. i was in ur position a lot last time and then i have to make a simple rule to make a choice. well its like this... for me, if the salary for position that i am applying is DOUBLE or more the bag that i am planning to carry, its ok i'll carry it. and for me LOGOS for interview are NO NO NO, if i am carrying LV, its gonna be the epi or taiga leather, for me carrying a monogram bag for interview is TACKY -sorry. hope this help..=) goodlucccckkk! be confidence, and the job is yours =)
  6. If only we lived in a perfect world where those of us with designer bas weren't looked down upon by others! I am 25 and where I worked for the past three years, my bags were topic of conversation on a daily basis...and all I usually carried in there were my COACH bags! Once, a nosey woman actually went into one of my COACH vintage leather totes and took out my wallet and opened it up and pointed out to people how expensive my bag was, but I had no money in my wallet! I'm like, no one my age carries cash! What I really wanted to do was take her gross WALMART purse and cut it up. (I am not a mean or violent person, but I just though this was incredibly rude and unprofessional)

    I would say once you get the job (which I'm sure you will!!!) use your Chanels. I work in HR and I have been interviewing for jobs recently and I have been using a totally non-glam, low-key black Kate Spade purse. The main reason I wouldn't carry a Chanel purse to an interview is that my purses all have chain straps, which will make noise when you set it down and can be kind of awkward during an interview. I know that sounds anal, but I know a lot of recruiters who told me that noisy accessories are a huge turn off to interviewers.

    The second reason I wouldn't take one my Chanels is that most people who don't buy designer bags will label you a spoiled little rich girl or as someone who will only work until they get married or have kids (and not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just an unfair stereotype!)

    So, I would say unless the interview is at Chanel, don't carry a Chanel! But I totally bust one out the first day on the job!
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  7. Cory! How did I know you would be able to offer me some advice?! ;) It's funny because I STILL live in L.A. and people tell me I have an "L.A." look, like WTH is that supposed to mean, really? LOL -Hmm... never thought about bringing my muse -Thanks for your advice, I'm glad I can relate to someone... and you need to prance around the house in the Chanel Cardi just to get some wear out of it, it's too pretty NOT to wear, but I know why you're hesitant to take it to work!

    Thanks! That's exactly on the lines of what I was thinking... I don't want someone to judge just based on my bag. Or take the chance of someone noticing it and having that fact "overshadow" my interview. -Thanks for the well wishes, the interview isn't for another couple of weeks... but you can see I'm really trying my best to get EVERY facet down, down to the last bag! :yes:
  8. I would never leave my purse in the car; people do break into trunks. I would suggest being more lowkey during the interview.

  9. haha...its hard i know...even when i hang out with certain friends, im careful not to bring out certain bags or jewelry just cos i dont want them to be uncomfortable and once, i had a friend with me while i was running thru the mall and unfortunately it was just one of those days where every store we did go into (cos i had to pick up stuff and took her along too while i got something for my bf from saks) each SA came to say hello to me by she was all shocked and started asking if i actually shop at saks or neimans...i felt bad...:Push:

    i know some other friends i have have a completely diff opinion and theyd wear their fur coat if they wanted to and wear the nicest stuff if they felt like it whether their friends shopped at target and jc penneys only for we all have different approaches

    but yah--play it safe and do a non logo more conservative handbag...even now at work i get the "wow youre such a shopper" or "she wouldnt eat at IHOP" which is a bit unfair as im about to go eat at IHOP right bf loves the place and its pretty comfy/yummy food--nothing gourmet but yah...sorry to keep rambling, its just that despite my efforts, ive been "labeled" as the fashion girl at work but i admit the men are usually much nicer and complimentary about it than the women :s
  10. hi im 24 as well and my advice is to not take the bag to the interview. i wouldnt want to be judged for my appearance over anything else.
    my first interview @ 21 was simple, black coach leather tote, something common and "professional". I would suggest something common and not flashy. Wear that for 1/2 and day and enjoy your other bags when the int. is over ;)
    Let people get to know who you are before they stereotype you in one category...
    nowadays i wear my chanels to work, people do notice it but i think they've gotten use to it. if you earn your own money, you can spend it any way you want right? :yes::yahoo:
  11. After you get the job you can strut your fabulous bags all you want. For the interview you want people to notice YOU, not your bags. So, I would stick with something extremely discreet....ESPECIALLY if it's for a government position.

    I know I don't post too much if at all in Chanel, but this post caught my eye so I wanted to comment. When I was unemployed last summer after my consulting engagement ended, I spent a lot of time suiting up and getting out there. And that meant bringing my more understated bags on interviews, such as my black leather Coach Ali or my LV Saleya PM, which is in damier and doesn't scream "LV."

    Good luck and knock 'em dead!
  12. loveaddict: haha, yes... I too think huge logos are BAD. But I swear I only brought my speedy to the exam, because it's pretty low key, and I needed something that I wouldn't mind putting on the floor. I mean they literally hand you a test and you sit there for 3 hours... no hello, no goodbye. But I would NEVER bring that to an interview, so I completely agree w/ you. Even some girls with Coach logo bags get off looks, from what I've observed. (Maybe because there is more of a general population that knows what Coach is vs. Chanel??) Anyways, thanks!

    chanelbelle7: sorry that lady was SO hideous towards you... I can't BELIEVE she just went through your bag like that. Seriously, the nerve of some people. Isn't it funny how most people would assume it's the ones with the nice bags that are judgmental of others... when in actuality it's the people that DON'T have the designer accessories that are the haters! Hope you do well on your interviews too... I'm sure you will though, you seem like you know what you've got going on! ;) Thanks for the advice!

    ronsdiva: this is in DOWNTOWN Los Angeles, LOL... I wouldn't even leave spare change in the ashtray. ;)
  13. I have been interviewing people for my group for the past 12 months. The last thing I notice is their bags.

    That said, turning up for an interview with a flashy bag does give the interviewers the wrong impression that you don't give a dam* about the job and this is not a good thing. So on balance, you should leave your Chanel behind, pick a more low-key bag and concentrate on how you should respond to your interviewers' questions. You are interviewing for an intern position so I would say dress appropriately for that position, at least during the interview.

    I prefer to hire someone who is good and looks after her appearance notwithstanding the pressure from work than someone who looks after her appearance but is utterly crap.
  14. cory/calisnoopy: IHOP rules! LOL... I don't care what anyone says, at least when it comes to my food. I will choose chipotle over koi any day. :yes: I agree, luckily, most of my friends are completely oblivious and while they think I'm a "shopper" they don't actually know how much the bags and shoes really cost. Actually, I feel kind of stupid now because I was sitting here trying to talk myself into using a black reissue, like "it's discreet" LOL. O gosh, *gasp* the more I read this thread, the more I think I'm going to walmart tonight and picking up some $12 bag so I can take that extra step... :lol: just to be safe. Being potentially labeled scares me too... doesn't it suck that in a world which puts so much emphasis on aesthetics, WE are the ones who get singled out for being stylish? O well, now look who's rambling. LOL -have fun w/ P @ ihop... I know how much you love the munchies!
  15. To be completely honest I'd be more concerned that people would think your purse is a fake. Whenever I see a girl carrying the typical fake chanel purse I shake my head and think "how pathetic" and it affects how I view their integrity, which is something very employer is looking for. Considering a lot of people do not have a trained eye when it comes to fakes they'd probably just assume, because of your age, that it's a fake. If I were in that situation I'd go with a classy, non logo bag. If a person recognizes a non logo bag as being designer, they probably appreciate a good bag and wouldn't hold it against you. If they don't recognize it, it still looks like a classy outfit!