Help! 2 Smelly Bags from Hong Kong!

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  1. I read on tPF about how great Let-Trade and authentic_lvlady are so I went ahead and ordered a bag from each of them (even though I was warned by some postings about authentic's problem with odor).

    I got a beautiful red epi speedy 30 from authentic_lvlady on Sunday - and, sure enough, it reeks of some sort of nasty chemical smell - a cross between mothballs and skunk. I've aired it out for the past three days - sprayed it to death with Febreze - stuffed it with newspapers and dryer sheets - and nothing. It still stinks. And I don't have the patience to keep at it - I don't want this smelly thing anymore. I just emailed Eva/authentic and told her I'd give her $50 for her trouble but that I want a refund and want to send the bag back - am awaiting her reply.

    I also got an 8 year old yellow epi alma from Let-Trade (also arrived on Sunday) - which had a slight musty smell (much less obnoxious than the other bag) - but, frankly, it smells like someone's basement. So I just emailed them now and asked if they have any suggestions as to how to remove the odor - but, to be honest, I'm fed up and want to send that back, too.

    Do any of you have any suggestions re: what to do to just get my money back? I wanna cry. :crybaby:

  2. OMG! I thought it was just me! I have bought a few bags from her in the past and they smelled like oil or something! She was super nice to work with , but ...:yucky:
  3. Uh oh...Eva/authentic just sent me this:

    I think you are misunderstanding, this bag is no odor,I check it clearly,I know you are not happy for the odor, but it is not a odor smell,it is a leather smell, I know if the vintage bag which is 100% can find the odor smell find it, bt this bag is not odor smell, Please try to open the bag and put this bag to sunshines for removed the leather smell, as the pre-owner is not always use this bag and caused it, I am happy to refund payment to you for $580 to your paypal account, if I received the bag, I hope you can try to removed the smell, this is odor, as this bag is a like new condition, I want you kept it . Please try
  4. What a nightmare!!! I do not blame you for not wanting to deal with that!! I would try and get a refund as well. What a drag...sorry!!!
  5. Oh dear.
    I've bought from both sellers and the bags had a faint smell.
    It pretty much went away after a while with airing out and Bounce sheets, Febreeze etc.
    But sometimes I can still smell it faintly.
    It wasn't a big deal to me, but yours sounds worse. Yikes!
  6. She's trying to be nice - and says she'll refund my money - but does she really think I don't know the smell of LEATHER???
  7. I have since resold all of my bags - a Speedy 30 to my sister - and if it makes you feel any better, the smell DID go way eventually ...

  8. The Let-Trade bag's smell is faint - but there. It is an eight year old bag - so I'm wondering if it will ever fade?
  9. They're both nice sellers and I'm certain you won't have a problem getting a refund....but you might have to pay the shipping....
  10. yikes, but keep in mind HK is very humid area, everyone have some sort of mothball to keep the valueable free of insect bites, or mold......
  11. I don't mind paying the shipping - I just want the bags out of my house, at this point - especially the authentic smelly one.

    She did offer to refund my money - which is nice - but I think I will wait a couple of days and then tell her that I'm sending it back. She genuinely thinks I don't realize that the smell is leather. But, trust me, it ain't leather!

    Thanks to all of you for being so supportive!
  12. I guess that's something that may happen if you buy second fabreeze maybe?
  13. Well if you'll just hang in there it will fade away:yes: I would just put in dryer sheets for a while. A spray might stain
  14. Aww, that stinks (literally). I'm so sorry, that must be such a disappointment. :yucky: Let us know what you decide to do!
  15. FEBBREZE didnt work?
    im surprised... i think you should get a refund..
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