Help! 2 of the same bag, but different dustbag??

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  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum (I usually browse in the Chanel forum). I didn't find any reference thread on LV dustbags over the years so I need your help or please direct me to where I would be able to find out.

    I have the brown & pink cherry blossom papillons, but both come with different dustbags. The brown came in the brown dustbag with the letters "LV" & the tag says Made in Spain 971 AA (noticed a space here). The pink came in a tan color with the letters "LV" (not as light as the current "Louis Vuitton" dustbags) & the tag says Made in Italy B072A (noticed no space here). Both "LV" letters are dark brown. Is there suppose to be a difference? Thanks for your help!
  2. ^^^ I'm not following you... :confused1:

    Can you possibly post a pic?
  3. I understand exactly what you are speaking of. The older dust covers made in Spain with the single letters LV in brown were darker than the ones made in Italy. For some reason Spain's dust bags were always like 2-3 shades darker. I have many accessory pieces too, bracelets etc which are mostly made in Spain as well as a pochette and the dustcover are such a dark brown compared to the ones produced in Italy. Also you will find the Spain one are just a tad thinner too! This is normal.