Help! 2 city bags on hold and can only get one.

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  1. I have a white city with regular hardware and a blue (it is a blue jean color and a limited Neiman Marcus color) with silver giant hardware on hold. I don't know which one to get. The white really pops and would go with so much but I'm concerned about carrying a white bag b/c it gets dirty so easily. The other bag is really cute, but I'm not sure how much it will go with. Which would you choose? TIA
  2. My vote goes to the blue because of the white getting easily dirty;) Oh, and I think that the blue will go with most things really!! And you can carry it all year round....the white is more season limited IMO

  3. I think you should go for the blue!
  4. Blue. It won't show dirt and blue is easy to wear. Good luck!
  5. The blue is gorgeous, so that is my vote! :yes:
  6. I think I might go with the white! This season's bright white is gorgeous - and you could use Apple Guarde to help keep it protected!
  7. white gets my vote!
  8. I say blue! It is a gorgeous color! Do you wear mostly jeans? If yes, then it won't be much problem to match her to your outfits :smile:
  9. Blue! :heart:
  10. I say white, because I just saw that Limited Edition Blue at NM today and it doesn't do anything for me. A little too muted or something. The white will really pop any summer outfit this year.
  11. I'd choose Blue over White, but if you really like white and it goes with what you wear, then get white! Good luck!
  12. I'd say white since I think it will pop for summer. Which hardware do you prefer?
  13. I would say white as it does pop and is a great summer color. Also, I am not that inpressed with the blue of the NM LE.
  14. My vote goes for white :jammin:

    I've seen both IRL and I think the white would go with more. the giant HW on the LE makes it not match as easily with outfits IMO. the giant HW is also a little too much bling on a city bag... i think it looks better on part time or work bags.

    let us know what you decide!
  15. I love the NM LE Blue, so I would go with that. I wear my blue bags with almost everything ...