HELP! 2.55 reissue black in 226? or 227? (I'm petite)

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Hi, I'm only 5' 2" (petite). I'm thinking about getting 2.55 reissue matt black with gold hardware. But I can't decide which size should be better. 226? 227?

I have classic caviar flap med/large (25.5cm) in black with gold hardware which I usually use when I wear skirts or dresses. I also have 2.55 metallic fun color in 226 size. (for day and night)

Since my mom already has metallic black in 226 SHW (I bought one for her but she lives very far so I can't borrow it when I want it) and I already owned classic caviar med/large for night or dressy looks, I was thinking about getting 227 instead of 226. But I'm worried that it might overwhelm me.

Should I go for 226? or 227?
I tried 226 in black, it looks fine, I feel like it's just my size but it looks boring with jeans.

But no store around me had 227 in black so that I could only try 227 in bright color. In bright colors (bright silver), 227 looks really big on me and I didn't like it.

Should I go for 226? or 227?
Any comments, suggestions will be really welcomed!
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Dec 27, 2008
Go with the size you originally wanted & don't settle just because it's not available at the moment. Just wait until new inventory arrives. The 226 is my favorite size because it's the size in between the m/l (too small) & jumbo (too big for my petite frame) flaps. Plus, the 226 can transition from day/night & casual/dressy. IMO the perfect Chanel bag. But if you're looking for more room & a day/casual bag, then the 227 is the better option. It really depends on what look you're going for.


Aug 5, 2009
OP, 226!! I would suggest the 227 but since you tried it on and felt overwhelmed, then you should get the 226. Go with your gut instinct!

Eheheh..the 227 is on my shopping list and I'm only 5'3"..


Mar 6, 2008
i'm about your height and i say go for the 227 coz you already have the M/L and 226.

i used to worry tha my 227 might be too big but after awhile i've grown to love it. plus nobody has ever commented that it looks too big on me!


Jul 1, 2010
I love them both. Just go for the one you love the most. I am getting a 226 in patent red, and I love both 227 and 226. But I have a 225 reissure and jumbo cc classic, so I will get something in between, but honestly, I love 227 just as much. And by the way, I am your size and I don see any problem of me having a jumbo or 227 on me!!!