help 2.55 reissue 226 matte grey or matte black

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Help me please, I cannot decide.

    If I can keep one between 2.55 reissue matte grey with ruthenium 226 and 2.55 reissue matte black with gold 226. what do you think? which one should I keep?

    and jumbo cavair navy blue limited USA with gold and beige cavair jumbo with gold. Which one should I keep?

    thank you very much.
  2. keep the matte black and the limited navy blue.
  3. Keep the grey and navy blue :smile:
  4. I'd keep the navy blue and the grey one.
    Good luck!
  5. keep the grey and navy and pass the black over to me.
    no, jk.

    keep the black and navy!!
  6. The grey with RHW ! If you choose the black one, pass the grey along! :-P
  7. matte black... but i can't choose between the 2 jumbo's! luv the trio!
  8. I would keep matte grey reissue and the beige jumbo.
  9. matte black and blue
  10. Matte black and Navy!!! YEAH!
  11. Thanks everybody. I decided to keep navy blue, but I am thinking between matte grey and black. Ummmm
  12. Ahh great, was going to vote for the navy! Keep the black!
  13. How about you buy one, I buy the other, and we'll trade every six months?!?! JUST KIDDING!! I think keep the grey reissue since it's harder to get. But the black with ghw is sooo CLASSIC! Sorry no help. But switching kids bi-annually sounds good, YES?!?! :graucho:
  14. matte black and def the navy blue!!! its TDF
  15. I bought the grey 1st thinking its a more neutral color and could go beautifully with all colors, ie., looks great with blue (jeans), white, black, pink, purple, etc, etc. It can even be the new black since black bag can be too stark for some days. Also, I'm scared of white Chanel, so this grey is my alternate white bag as well. Grey is such a cool color and indeed very versatile, I'm so glad to own it in the Reissue style!
    Having said that, I must confess that I did pull the trigger on Matte Black Reisssue with GHW just a few months after my grey reissue purchase. It is an essential in all Chanel collections! They both look so different. I have them both in 227 and don't think I'll ever part with them.
    Sorry, I am of no help becos you really need to keep both of them too! Lols!