HELP! 2.55 colors for 2009,anyone ???

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  1. I can see that CC flaps are most popular in new colors and I like new maxi red most of all! But I wanna buy 2.55 277 size in some new color and there is nothing about 2.55:confused1: What's going on whit my favorite model of Chanel :crybaby:? TPF experts help !!!
  2. Other than the graded and faded pink, there is no new colour for 2.55 this summer. But there is always Surpique............................! :lol:
  3. Can't wait to see the Surpique IRL!
  4. ^^^ Me too! This is the non-classic line I am most excited about seeing!
  5. U R sooooo right!!! Can't wait to see Surpique :woohoo:
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    Hi Jasmina !

    I have good news for you : 2.55 Spring 2009 colors !!!!

    # number A46176 (21x31x9) Vintage calfskin
    Ivory / Light Blue / Dark Beige / Red / Dark Blue / Black

    # number A37590 /21x31x9) Metallic Lamb with "Bijoux" HW
    Black / Silver

    And now the "Surpiqué" Bag.....

    # number A46179Y05962 (40x55x2)
    10800 : Beige
    94305 : Black

    All informations Chanel - Cambon Street - Paris
  7. :heart::heart::heart: I LOVE U! Thank UUUUU:woohoo:
  8. Dark beige reissue.......sounds divine!!!Thank you for posting...:heart:H
  9. :woohoo::woohoo:Many thanks for info!!!

    A46176 is actually...<drumroll> Surpique 2.55!!!! :drool:

    So the Surpique, cunningly disguised as 2.55, must have style no. around A4617x ~ ! A46179 is probably the diaper tote! There are also two camera bags!

    The more I talk about Surpique, the more I want one.........
  10. MIffy27: The surpique 2.55 is stunning, very very beautiful, and the prices at KL OMG~ even more amazing.
  11. I know!!!! I am going to round up every single piece! Nah, Mia said I am permitted to get the navy blue camera bag...LOL!

    Vintage calfskin...mmm...I love the sound of it.
  12. Bad news for Canadians as none of the boutiques here have ordered the Surpique. I was even told by the manager of one Canadian boutique that the Surpique line looks 'exactly like the bubble quilts'. WTH!? This is what we are dealing with folks!

    As for the U.S. Chanel boutiques, they have ordered the dark beige and black only as far as they know. Shipments are expected within the month.
    No word yet on what the concessions have ordered. Anybody have that intel? I really want to purchase the ivory.
  13. Cyndee: WHat!! They said surpique line looks exactly like BQ? OMG, can't believe they say this. Both bags look so different from one another.

    MIffy27: Navy blue camera sounds delicious, 2009 another pocket big big year for us hahaha.
  14. Jill said she saw the ligne and it was really nice , she is not a fan of the BQ ligne so I dont know what to think now. I like all 3 peices I have seen so far!