HELP! 1st Chanel Bag

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  1. I'm ready to get my first Chanel bag.
    I've decided on the GST but should I get it in White w/ silver hardware or Black w/ silver hardware? :confused1:

    Please give me your suggestions. Thanks!
  2. I prefer the Black ... since it does not show dirt as much as the white would!

    Great choice btw, I have one in black and I love it!

    You should post pics in Chanel Sub-forum when you decide to get one.
  3. That's true especially if I used it for everyday use.
    Thanks sweetpurple!
  4. chanel bag is very hard to take care for white, get a black one sweety .. or beige maybe ... there is salmon pink also available for latest GST colour
  5. ^^^ You are very welcome!:flowers:
  6. ohhh salmon pink sounds nice.
    thanks for the suggestion fannaticsydney.
    i think i'll go with the timeless black.

    i just called my local chanel and they don't have it in stock! they don't know when the next shipment is coming in either. :sad:
  7. black!
  8. black!
  9. Black with silver is soldout in NYC.
    Hope you find one.
    I have the GST in black with gold, great bag for everyday.
  10. Another vote for black...
  11. I like the black in caviar better than the white.
  12. I agree :yes: