Help!!! 1 Chanel or 3 LVs ?!?!?!?!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am torn between wanting my dream bag - the classic med/large caviar black flap from Chanel..or keeping by 3 LV bags, which I also adore very much - Tivoli PM, Mini Lin 30 in ebene, and the Sunset Blvd. in amarante.

    What you guys do...would you return 3 LVs to get 1 Chanel. All the talk about price increases for LV and Chanel is giving me a headache. I'm sort of tight on funds right now too...since I decided to quit my job and go back to school.

    What would you guys the Chanel worth the trade..I just want a timeless bag and I'm afraid my LV choices won't be as timeless as Chanel. :confused1:
  2. Hmm.. if it was you buying 3 lvs or 1 chanell then I would say chanel but if you're deciding to return the lvs then I think you should keep them - espicially if you like them alot. BUT saying that if you feel like its your only chance of a chanel (I know they're very pricey! lol) then I'd be tempted to do it. :yes:
  3. Get what you really want!
  4. I say keep the 3 LV's. If you're gonna be short of cash for a while, you might not be able to buy any more bags for a while, so buying 3 kinda makes up for it. KWIM. But, if you get the Chanel, you'll only have the one bag despite the fact that its a really really nice bag. It's still only 1...
  5. I would keep the three LVs in a heartbeat. I returned my last Chanel due to quality issues (stitching coming loose). I think you'll get more use out of the three bags than just one and the bags you have are really beautiful.
  6. i personally would keep the lv's, but as you said it is your dream bag, perhaps you should opt for the chanel? listen to your gut instinct :o)
  7. if its ur dream bag, its ur dream, there is nothing stopping you, only sacrifices, but is it worth it, how desperate are you... return the lv, buy the chanel, if u dun like the chanel, return it lol
  8. i would keep LV as 3 bags give ya more flexibitlty with clothing and easier to sell later as there lot of ppl who love LV,,..:tup::yes:
  9. Chanel!
  10. I would have said CHANEL right away if you haven't purchased those 3 lovely LV bags.
    But you already purchased them and you love them too.
    Mybe try ask yourself honestly whether or not if you're going to use those 3 new bags any sooner? If yes, then keep them and you can always get the Chanel next time.
    But if you think you won't be using any of these 3 LV bags yet (you're waiting for special occassions), then might as well you return them now first and get the Chanel before the next price increament.
    Cos unlike LV where the price increase in bit by bit, Chanel is like in a go so you really feel the pinch!
    And besides that, thou I love both Chanel & LV, I have to admit Chanel is so versatile that each time I find myself going for my Chanel classic flaps (more than my LVs).:yes:
  11. I dunno. Right now I'm all about LV. And There is a Chanel I really want. But if I had the option of 1 chanel, or 3 LV's. I would definiately keep the 3 lv's, and eventually just keep saving for the chanel.
    Good Luck with your decision!
  12. I'd keep the LVs. I think you have more versatility with 3 bags than just the one, you know?
  13. Chanel handsdown. Their price increases have gotten CRAZY! So get one while you can!
  14. If you don't want to get the Chanel 2nd hand then go for the flap - I agree that the price increases on their classic bags are just INSANE. I adore LV (and Chanel.) But that classic flap is going to stand you well in almost all situations.
  15. your LVs sounds more practical to have.....

    i have many LVs and a few Chanel bags (incl the classic med/large caviar -- but mine is dark pink from '05) and i hardly ever use my Chanel!!! specially the med flap, it's so cute, but it doesn't hold too much.....
    my Chanel just came back from the repair, stiches are coming off from the strap, even though they fixed it for free --- i'm back madly in love with LV all over again!!!!

    sorry, wasn't too much of help, but i hope you'll make a decision that you won't regret!!! =D