Help 09 or 10 partime GSH

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  1. I am new Balenciaga world and I am going to get my 1st bag tommorow
    I found the style I like is Partime Black in GSH. The only problem is it 09 my SA said they didn't get in 10 at there store in Black. So since I am new I really don't know the difference and what I should be looking for. I did try it on and I liked it it was nice and shiny.So if anyone can give me any tips on what I should be looking for when I go back tomm. Does anyone have 09 and do they like it or should find 2010. Or has anyone had problems with 09:confused1:

    Please help
  2. If you like the one you saw, then why not get that?
    I have an 09 black RH and I absolutely love the leather. It gets more and more yummy with each and every use.
    That said, since you're considering a GH bag, a '10 bag might also be great as many of the '10 black GH bags have had thick and gorgeous leather.
    But as it always is with Bbags, there are no general rules; all bags are different even within a season.
  3. divagal01, if you tried the bag & you really loved it, you should consider getting it! Chances are you may or may not find one in 2010 to be better. Each bag differs regardless of year or season....I have an 09 Black City & adore her... She has amazing leather & is still jet Black today as she was the day she arrived.. She has thick & evenly disressed leather just the way I like it... Good luck with your decision....;)
  4. agree... if you could try the bags on and pick one IRL, I don't think the year matters... each bag is different with Bal :smile: good luck!