Heloise Strap Lengths

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  1. While browsing thru everyone's pics of their new Prune Heloise bags, I couldn't help but notice that it looks like the shoulder strap is shorter than the Black ones. This was also confirmed to me by tagullah (thank you!). She thought that maybe it was becuz the Black was a Fall 2007, while the Prune is S/S 2008. I really love this bag and have every intention of buying one very soon. Prune has been my first choice, but I need to be sure it will fit on my shoulder. I saw a Gazelle one a few weeks ago and also loved that color. I didn't try the bag on though, so I don't know if the straps on that one are the same as the Prune or the black.

    For all you Heloise owners (esp ones who own more than one), can you tell me if the straps are different lengths on different colors, or is it like tag said - all the S/S 2008 bags have shorter straps (including the new Black ones). The store had a Black one but I don't know if it was a 2007 or 2008 bag, but if the straps were longer on that bag than the Prune & Gazelle, I might just go with the Black -- of course I absolutely LOVE the Prune color and Gazelle is my 2nd choice, but carrying the bag on my shoulder is a must. If that means sacraficing the Prune or Gazelle for Black, that would be OK with me.

    Here are two pics of Tag modeling her bags on her shoulder:


  2. p.s. Is the shape of the Prune different than the Black one too or is that just the way they're stuffed?
  3. Not the straps, straps are about the same lengths. Note, in the photos, how the zipper portion of the bag (right in the middle of the bags) have slightly different heights? In other words, take a look at the distance between where the metal connection part that connects the straps and the body of the bag to the top of the zipper, there is about an 1" difference between the prune and black. Thus, black's straps appeared to be longer, thus allowing more arm room.

    I think the shapes are slightly different too.
  4. you're right -- I do see that. I wonder if the Gazelle is the same as the Prune or the Black? I'm going to have to get back to the store to check them out.

    I agree about the shape -- the Black looks more like a trapezoid or triangular -- wider on the bottom than the Prune. The Prune looks like its more rounded. I couldn't tell if that was the case or if it was the way the bags were stuffed.

    Does anyone own a Gazelle Heloise?
  5. Sorry for my ignorance but what colour is gazelle I have Tan is that it
  6. I've just measured the lengths of my Heli straps from the top of the strap to the zipper and there definitely is a 2inch difference between the length of the Black and Prune handles. Black is 8ins and Heli is 6ins. On me at least there is no doubt that the handles on the Prune are a much snugger fit.

    I can't see any difference at all in the shapes, except that the leather on the Black one is slightly softer and smooshier than the Prune. I'm not sure why that should be, but the Black was smooshier when I bought it and the leather on the Prune was stiffer. This might give the illusion of the Prune being taller than the Black I guess. Maybe there's just a slight difference to the type of leather used for the AW and SS collections ?

    The mystery of the Heloise deepens...:confused1:
  7. Both bags look exactly the same at the bottom when they're placed on the floor. I think they look different in the photos because one had more stuff in it than the other.

    I must say I quite liked seeing the two modelling pics together :smile:. I think the least the big cheeses at Chloe could do is send me a silver metallic Heli freebie for advertising / enabling services rendered to their business, don't you :lol: ?
  8. Tag, my prune is soft and smooshy. However, when I tried it on at the boutique, the leather of that particular prune one was really stiff. I guess the leather really differs from bag to bag?!
  9. That's definitely right Acshih:yes:. My Prune is becoming smooshier but I think it'll take a while for complete smooshocity to occur ...which is not to say that the leather isn't already TDF :love:, but I imagine it will become even nicer with age .

    My bag was also very flat when it arrived - Sacoche don't pack their bags quite as well as some other e-tailers :nogood:, but stuffing it with a load of tissue paper seems to have solved this problem ( and given the very generous discount they've gave me as compensation for all the problems I'd had, I really can't complain :nogood:).
  10. very pretty bags- esp love the prune!!!!
  11. Adding to the straps/differences saga. My purple Heli has about a 6 drop (area to put arm through), and I've too, have noticed in the pics that some of the straps are longer, i.e. Tag's black Heli and Div's red Heli. My thought on this could be......1) there are two different handle lengths available or,......... 2) different manufacturing. I purchased a Gucci bag in Monte Carlo Gucci Boutique and the lining was different than the same bag in the U.S. I was told that there were 2 different factories and depending on the factory that the bag came from, there would be slight differences -- one had a cell phone pocket, one didn't, one had print lining, one was brown, etc. Maybe that could be the reason for differences in the strap length, etc.----just a thought.

    Tag, I totally agree, Chloe should ante up a bag for a drawing among tPF gals.....make it a Gold Heloise please...............LOL
  12. Interesting Ilson.:thinking:..I'm sure you're right about Chloe have more than one manufacturer making these bags.

    I tried on the Prune Heli in a couple of different stores before I got the one from Sacoche and they all uniformally had the same shorter straps than my Black version. Sounds like yours and mine both have the same length strap too.

    I guess there could be something in my theory about the strap length differing from the AW07 and SS08 stock. Does anyone else have a Heli from last year that they can measure up for a scientific comparison ?

    I hope someone from Chloe has read our posts and are at this minute packaging up the silver and gold Helis to send out to us both in recognition of our tireless promotional services for their conglomerate :yes: !
  13. Is your black Heli from 07? If it is then that is probably why the strap varies. I have a chocolate Heloise from aw07 and I can check straps on that but on the other hand that Heloise is totally diffrent and has two zips on top so that one might vary super much in measurements.
  14. My black heli is from '07 -- I just measured and the strap is 8" from the top zipper to the top of the handle. Scientific comparison -- that's brilliant! I wonder if I could justify an '08 heli sister in the name of "scientific comparison" :shrugs:

    We definitely deserve those silver and gold Helis... :tup::heart:
  15. I got my Heli this year but as it came in the old style dustbag and without an authentication bag, I'm assuming it was AW07 stock. Sounds like your Heli is a very different style Miss E, so may well be completely different again.

    I guess basically it can be said that both my Helis can be worn comfortably on the shoulder, so fine for future buyers who like me, need to have a bag that can be worn this way:tup: .I think the smaller Heli is really meant to be a hand held bag though. I did manage to just about hoik one onto my shoulder when I tried one on in a store, but unless you have stick thin arms or live in a climate where a coat is surplus to requirements, this version wouldn't be great for girls who prefer to wear a bag on the shoulder :nogood:.