Heloise - Pleae Help me Decide: Prune or Gazelle?

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Which Heloise? Prune or Gazelle?

  1. Prune Heloise

  2. Gazelle Heloise

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  1. WARNING -- LONG post. Please skim thru & help me!! TIA!

    So I'm going to to take the plunge and buy a Heloise next weekend, but I am so undecided on the color. I first saw the Heloise in Gazelle, and fell in love with the bag. Everything about it was perfect - the leather, color, shape, etc. Then I saw pics of the Prune on TPF and thought the color was magical!! I called my SA to see if she could find one for me and she said they had finally gotten one in. So I was at the store today to have a look and I am now thoroughly confused!! Let me tell you why --

    1. I LOVE the color of the Prune. I don't have anything like it and everyone who's seen it has said how gorgeous it is. It's deep enough that it will go with most anything, and it's perfect for this style. The Gazelle, however, is so perfect for me. It looks great with my hair color and skin tone and it just looks natural on my arm. Plus, it's the perfect shade of tan that will NEVER go out of style and will look just as great 5 yrs from now.

    2. The leather on the Gazelle is FLAWLESS! It's nice and thick with the perfect amount of distressing. Over time, it will still look great because wear will only enhance it's distressed appearance. It is so unbelievably soft and feels wonderful to the touch. The Prune has a gloss-like finish to it which gives it a bit of a shine. It also makes the leather a little stiffer. It's still relatively soft, but compared to the Gazelle it definitely feels different.

    3. Because of the leather, the shape of the Gazelle is exactly what I like - it's got that trapezoid like shape (wider on the bottom w/angled sides. The Prune is a little more rounded and because it's not as soft, the bottom doesn't spread as much so its angled sides aren't as noticeable. Compared side by side, the difference in appearance is obvious, but I'm sure if I had the Prune at home by itself, the shape would look great.

    4. The shoulder straps on the Gazelle were just a little bit longer and it fit more comfortably over my shoulder which is a BIG must. However, the SA said that she believed that the straps on the Prune would stretch once I put some things inside & started carrying the bag. I even was able to stretch them a little bit while I was looking. Not a whole lot, but I could see what she was saying. The braided part on the Gazelle as a little looser - you could actually see the spaces between the knots. The Prune was braided very tight -- no spaces or gaps at all.

    Since I don't have anything like it, I'd love to have a bag like the Prune in my collection. Plus, this bag is so fantastic, I think it deserves a color as special as the Prune -- but the Gazelle is just a little more practical I guess. I'd never have to worry about matching anything or ever looking out of style. Although it might look a little "plain" for this style, I think the shape and style override the color.

    No matter how many times I closed my eyes and looked - Neither color screamed out "TAKE ME!" They both equally perfect in their own way. A majority of people I asked said go with the Prune -- only one woman (bless her heart!) said the Gazelle was PERFECT for me (everyone else was basing their choice on the bag, not the person carrying it!) If I were rich or used credit cards (this is why I don't!) I'd just take both of them!! But I can't and can only buy one and hope that I can find one later on when markdowns take place (ideally, I'd like the smaller size in whatever color I don't get now!). She's holding the Prune for me -- hopefully, the Gazelle will still be there if that's what I decide, but I know how popular the Prune is, so I didn't want to chance it being sold before I get back there.

    So will you guys help me?? I know the majority of you like the Prune -- after all, this is where I fell in love with that color in the first place! But please be honest with me. I've included pics of both colors as well as 2 pics of me -- the one on the left is the most recent (the head shot is about 3 yrs old). I've worn my hubbie down -- he's so diplomatic he says "Whatever one you like better!" So your opinions really will help - Thanks a lot in advance!!



  2. ohh this is a tough call! I feel like it depends on your wardrobe...

    The gazelle is so classic and will go with anything....

    But looking at your pics you are wearing neutrals / white and the prune would really pop against white and creams.

    The prune is very exciting! Ohhhh decisions!
  3. Actually - the coloring is waayyyy off in those pics -- on the left, my shirt is black the jacket is Ivory (which I no longer own anyhow!!) - on the right, I'm wearing a tan colored blazer over an olive green Tshirt -- I'd say my wardrobe is mainly blacks, greys, tans, browns, ivory/cream and various shades of blue (I also wear a little green, pink, rose, lavender/plum) -- In that regard, the Gazelle is probably better, but I also think the Prune is dark enough to be a "neutral" color.

    UGH!! why can't I be rich!!!!!
  4. Hm, they are both really really so beautiful... I can see why you are so taken by the Prune, it's special, it's lovely and I would probably choose that one! But then I'm dark-haired, and I can see why the Gazelle would be perfect for you... I see you with the Gazelle, it is just as stunning, I think, but if you feel this is only sense calling, then take the Prune!
  5. I've voted for Gazelle, since whilst both are fabulous colours, you too are very smitten by the Gazelle. Out of the 4 points listed in your post, 3 of them very in favour of the Gazelle. I can understand your hesitation but I think that in the long run the Gazelle will always be a classic colour. Go for it! :tup:
  6. What a decision. I think I would go for the gazelle. I know the prune is stunning, but I think the gazelle is much more practical. I think this colour would really suit you:heart:
  7. OOOhhh tough call ~ I would personally go for the Prune as it just looks stunning, special and different, whilst still being wearable. Good luck in deciding! They are both gorgeous :love:
  8. Gazelle. This range of Chloe's colour are amazing (beige, tan, gazelle, taupe...). I would like to buy each one of those for each model! (and I've seen a thing like that in some TPF's member showcase!!!)
  9. Hello iluvmybags!

    What a toughie...my first thought was to say go with the gazelle because it would look smashing with your coloring :smile: However, on second glance I think the prune is so rich & the color so different if you know what I mean. While the gazelle is stunning, & I realize the color could not be duplicated, perhaps it would be easier to find a bag in the "taupe or beige" family than it would be to try & replicate the unique shade of prune.

    You can't go wrong either way! Congrats & post action shots so we can all drool!!!!
  10. Yikes... this really is a hard decision! I think I'm gonna have to go with gazelle, based on your reasoning, above. You really sound like you'd get more use out of the gazelle and seriously, you cannot beat that gorgeous weathering and distressing on a brown leather that comes with age and use - it's so earthy and gorgeous I am considering one myself now LOL
  11. I have voted for Gazelle as I have this one and the leather is indeed beautiful just distressed enough
  12. Personally I would choose the prune but I love the gazelle as well. I voted the gazelle because it seems to me that one is the one you want the most. I know you dont actually say that but it sounds to me like that is what you are saying.
  13. Here's why I'm going to say the GAZELLE. I read your post intently and in my mind you are more sold on the Gazelle then the Prune. I'm reading "these bags cost allot of money and it's a major investment for me so I want to be safe". The Gazelle offers that for you. For peace of mind get that Gazelle.

    Really you can't go wrong with either but the Gazelle in your mind offers stability.
  14. My vote is for the Gazelle--my reasons are:
    -it appears you are leaning toward the Gazelle
    -from your pics, the Gazelle suits you
    -the Prune is a 'trendier' color - the Gazelle will go with everything
    -I have the Prune, still haven't officially carried it, I love it, but I'm not a 100% sure it fits my wardrobe - I tend to wear 'earthy' colors, so I'm still on the fence.
    -I will say, the Prune is absolutely beautiful- a very stunning bag, and will probably 'show' more than the Gazelle
    As has been mentioned, it's an investment, so follow your heart and if your heart says prune today, then go for it. You are the one who will be wearing it-- choose the one you REALLY love.
  15. ITA with llson here, so Gazelle.