Heloise or Ramona?

  1. Hi ladies!

    Although I'm a frequent reader of this forum it's the first time I send a post. I could really use your help. I want to buy a new black bag but I'm torn between the black Heloise and the black shiny Ramona. I want to use it as an everyday bag. I already have the quilted bay bag in black and the extra large ramona in burgundy. What do you thing?



  2. Hard choice! Depends I guess... I think the Heloise is a little more versatile though. You could take it to work when they demand you to dress up, you could take it shopping in your jeans, while I think the Ramona is a little more sophisticated to be carried around casually.

    Also depends on your age (this is a sensitive issue so i'll just be swift about it): the Heloise looks fairly all ages while the Ramona seems to be for an older audience. Once I bought a bag that was in the shape of a birkin (not a birkin though... i'd go broke!) and it was beautiful when it was on the shelf and lying in my wardrobe, but I could never carry it anywhere because I just thought it seemed too mature for me to carry.

    (By the way I don't know your age nor am I making any assumptions! Please don't be offended!)
  3. I say Heloise. Especially since you already have a ramona.
  4. one more vote for heloise!:tup:
  5. I vote for Heloise.
  6. I own and love a Ramona, but since you already have one, I'd say go for the Heloise. (I'm not a big fan of owning multiples of the same bag.)

    And welcome to the forum, carolm! :flowers:
  7. My vote is for the Heloise! I love both bags, but even before reread your post and noticed that you already have a Ramona I liked the Heloise.
  8. Even though I voted (above) for the Heloise in this case, I wanted to question the suggestion that the Ramona is for an "older audience" and is "mature" looking.

    IMO, the Ramona is sexy, glam, even a bit rock n roll. :graucho: Here are some pics of younger celebs "workin' it."

    On the other hand, the Heloise (which I :heart:) actually has more of a classic, traditional "old lady" satchel shape, lol, even though its certainly not an "old lady" bag by any means!





    VICTORIA BECKHAM (before new hairdo)
    Lindsey Lohan Ramona.jpg Jessica Alba Ramona.jpg Jessica Simpson Ramona.jpg Mandy Moore Ramona.jpg Victoria Beckham Ramona.jpg
  9. oooh toughie, as I too adore the Ramona, but I would definately try the Helouise as I really think it looks like a lovely bag, AND you have one fabby ramona already ;)

    great dillema to have tho, as both are gorgeous bags ;)
  10. My preference is for the Heloise :yes:

    But they are very different bags from one another - the Heloise being more structured while the Romona being very slouchy. I love both in their own way but I would opt for the Heloise...especially since you aleady have the Romona ;)

    Let us know what you decide :flowers:
  11. Thank you very much for your opinions ladies!

    I have seen the black shiny ramona IRL. The leather is not patent just dark and shiny and "reflects" the light. To be honest I found it quite beautiful. The ramona that I have is the extra large, so the strap is canvas and the size and hardware larger as the normal ramona.
    I haven't seen the heloise but I think it seems like a more structured bag and in some way it reminds me a bit of the bay. Plus I also have the feeling, like Cosmopolitan said, that the Heloise is a much more "mature" bag than the Ramona. I don't know, maybe I'm terribly wrong! But I do agree with all of you ladies that it's not so interesting to own multiples of the same bag, unless you really love it!;)

    Kuruma, of course I'm not offended!

    Balchlfen I've seen your gorgeous Heloise. To be honest you' ve inspired me to like and maybe buy one. If it's not too much to ask a modelling pic could be really helpful!

    Once again thank you ladies for your time. It's nice to be an active member of this forum!:smile:
  12. Another vote for Heloise!
  13. vote for Heloise.
  14. I know that you mention using it as an everyday bag, but what do you carry everyday? I like the Heloise because it will work for everyday and dress-up. But, if you need to take public transportation or carry stuff (water bottle, files, newspaper,etc) then the Ramona would be more practical...
  15. Oops sorry I somehow completely missed that you already have another Ramona... get a Heloise! Though I think all our opinions are a little skewed towards chloe bags, due to being on the chloe forum, hmmmm :p?

    Oh yeah and like kiss_p said, don't throw practicality out the window! It'll annoy you to not be able to take your new buy out much because it can't fit anything (speaking from experience...).