'Heloise' large bag, Please help !

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  1. Hi !

    I´m a first time poster (but a longtime reader :smile:).

    I ordered my first Chloe bag a couple of weeks ago from Bluefly, the Large Heloise large bag.

    Unfortunately they delivered the wrong bag (a Prada bag) and I returned it yesterday.

    My problem is now that the large Heloise is out of stock at Bluefly and I cant find it anywhere ?

    Does anyone know where I could find one ?

    Thanks in advance


    I apologize for the spelling and everything, but I´m Swedish :shame:

  2. I should have posted this in the shopping forum :sad:.


  3. Elin - I have failed to detect a single grammatical error - or spelling for that matter! Are you SURE you are Swedish?
  4. Pixie01-:ty:
    I had actually already seen that bag but it was described as a medium bag so I just assumed it was different size. So thank you for opening my eyes:tup:.

    Divnanata- :lol: Pretty sure but thank you !:flowers:

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