Heloise Heaven BF

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  1. :drool: OMG!!! I'M SOOOO IN LOVE WITH THIS BAG:love:!!!!
  2. ^ali - I pm'd you before I sawthat you came here already!
  3. the red one is gone... fess up girls who got her????
  4. Cough cough....
  5. They keep changing, the availability. There were two Large satchel Heloises in Red and then two brown ones. They come, they go?? It all depends if people release them from their shopping bags or buy them.........
  6. There was one yesterday that I know is gone for sure and then today another red and brown one pop up. When susie and I talked this morning the red was gone. You put it in your shopping bag and it holds for an hour. I looked a while later and voila! But now it appears to be gone again. The red will be hard to find at a reduced price. Someone second that!
  7. ^
    Second that!!
  8. So who bought the second red one???? Who...Who....
  9. They now have the medium size in RED!
  10. Thanks:love:!!! PM'd you back:tup:.
  11. The oversized red tote is definitely heavenly. I keep gazing at the light gray bay. I already bought a black patent heloise a couple of days ago so I'm trying to fight it. It's not safe not dating around Valentines Day. I am showering too much love on myself. I've bought a beautiful handbag each day. Three is my limit.....I hope!
  12. ^^^Hey that's no excuse!!!!!!! We buy multiple bags with or without a guy!!

    Your bags sound gorgeous! Expecially the Heloise
  13. Well, I have a bigger problem. I'm trying to take it slow because I tore cartilage in my knee and haven't worked in a few months while I do physical therapy and try to get back on track. It's looking like arthroscopic surgery, at the least, may be in my future. I need to take it slow until I get back to work. I treat myself quite often, but lately, I've been a maniac. I think the holiday brings on more madness. It was my first Chloe so I'm super excited! The others were Fendi and Burberry bags. Can't wait until they arrive!!!! I luv me some me....can't wait on anybody to do it for me. LOL
  14. ^ If it makes you feel any better at least you have the freedom to buy the bags without a DH giving you huge guilt trips. I get to buy one bag a year, tops. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    I hope you heal quickly!