Heloise dated?

  1. I just purchased a Heloise shopper from the Saks online sale. Is anyone still wearing the Heloise?

    (I already own a paraty that I love and enjoy wearing).
  2. Congrats on your heloise! So jealous you got one on sale!
  3. I love the Heloise and own several. I think it's the ultimate boho-chic bag. I love the style and I don't really think it ever goes out of style. Congrats on getting it on sale.
  4. I would LOVE to have a heloise! Did you get the small hobo on sale?!
  5. Thank you Rorosity. I know you have a beautiful handbag collection. Do you wear your Heloise(s) often?
  6. No. I purchased the shopper on sale from Saks.com.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Congrats! I love the heloise. I recently saw a chyc woman at a work meeting wearing the heloise and it looked so great, boho chyc! It made me pull mine out of the closet. I think the heloise is timeless. Enjoy!
  9. The Heloise is a timeless bag IMO, every time I see someone carrying one, they always look great. I have 2 and no plans to let either go.
  10. I have lots of bags but somehow I have now managed to carry my Heloise every day for about 6 months!:shocked:
    So obviously I don't think it is dated. But the bag has somehow become more beautiful when I have worn it so much. The leather looks even yummier!