Helmut Lang Vintage Archival?


Aug 7, 2014
Colorado Springs, CO
I have this Helmut Lang top and I want to list in for sale, but I need more info. I believe it is a vintage archival piece from the 1990s or early 2000s before Helmut Lang himself left as designer. Have any of you ever seen it before? It's just this mesh material with a stretchy but silky bra over it, made in Italy. I wish I knew the materials or any type of keywords for it. I've been browsing google for his runway shows like crazy, but it still hasn't turned up. I would love some insights on this piece. Thank you!


Nov 22, 2007
Niagaria Escarpment
Nice top! Can't help you on this one.

I have a small collection of HL bought new way back and occasionally look for more & buy on eBay.

Collectors will find it if you list in the usual categories. Good photos are key. Show the texture of the fabric and any areas which would show wear.

You should get a feel for prices if you watch for a couple of weeks.

Good luck!