Helmut Lang Lovers Unite!

  1. It's about time we had our own thread! :supacool:

    So, let's talk Helmut Lang! Share all of your pieces (old & new), post your fabulous outfits, ask sizing questions and share deals & steals.

    And here's my first order of business :graucho:
    The Helmut Lang website has a promotion right now to take an extra 25% off of Sale items. Enjoy!
  2. This is a great idea. I love Helmut Lang because the design aesthetic fits very well with certain aspects of my style. I love minimalism with a bit of edge / deconstruction (rick owens, vince, all saints, haider ackerman, etc).

    Eeeek, just looked at the sale site and that shearling coat is amazing (have been looking for one).
  3. I have a few HL pieces but when the great man was at the helm himself. I still love the label though.
  4. Perfect description! I love the different shapes, cuts and draping of HL pieces. It's hard to make basics interesting but HL always manages to make that happen. And I agree, that shearling coat is incredible. :faint:

    Do share!
  5. YAY! Great thread, Mia! I'm sure jellybebe will make her way over here soon. :smile: My collection is modest compared to some of yours, but here's what I've got (hopefully more to come in the future!): 2 jackets in black, 2 twist blouses in black, 4 long-sleeved jersey tops in various colors, and I just ordered the lush voile top in gray from the extra-25% sale.

    I've always been curious about his dresses, but the proportions look like they're meant for taller ladies. As a shortie, my enjoyment might be limited to just the tops. :rolleyes:
  6. Oh, forgot to mention my latest and most wonderful acquisition -- the gray shawl cardigan! It's SO fluffy and soft and not the slightest bit itchy! It instantly elevates whatever casual outfit I have on. :tup:
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    Thanks! I know what a portion of your collection consists of and you already have seriously fab pieces! Still can't stop thinking about that cardigan. We've got to start somewhere and I'm going to bet your HL wardrobe will grow this year if your experience with the brand is the same as mine. :graucho: I have a decent haul but I'm always looking to expand it! Totally addicted.


    I should contribute some pics to get this thread going! Here are some pieces I've shared in other threads.

    Sugar Jacket

    Lush Voile top & Armour Leather Leggings

    Patina Leather Leggings in Fever

    Stretch Leather Leggings

    Stretch Leather Leggings & Asymmetric Bra

  8. Ooh so happy Mia started this thread! I am obsessed with Helmut Lang pieces. I love the way that cardigan looks in the front but am worried it's too short in the back. What do you think?

    I have major love for the asymmetric knits - I think I have about 5 or 6 of them. I also just got the hooded black sweatshirt and the black lush voile top.

    Oops Caroline is not wearing Helmut Lang in the 3rd pic.
    image-3520249439.jpg image-221696880.jpg image-203011013.jpg image-5975806.jpg image-3765789326.jpg image-3566808784.jpg
  9. Mia - you look amazing and effortlessly cool! What top are you wearing with the leather pants in outfit no. 4 (the one with low, asymmetrical open back)? Is that Helmut Lang too?
  10. Mia, you'd look strikingly gorgeous in ANY label but I think you're particularly well-suited to HL. I tell you, I think the designers specifically have your tall and lean body type in mind when creating the proportions of each piece! (which is why I have to be particularly careful with my HL purchases!) Question: with regard to the asymmetric bras and tanks, you have to wear pasties underneath, right? They're not lined or anything? Also, I've heard that they are not stretchy at all, and you have to size up. Do you agree? I'm so tempted by the black tank (which I can't find anymore), but I'm turned off by the fact that I'd have to wear nipple covers underneath...a strapless bra might work but I think that would ruin the smooth line. What do you think?

    By the way I am super-envious of all your leather leggings!!!

    Hi Jelly!!! :p I had the same concern -- I was worried about a reverse mullet look. BUT, this cardigan caused a major change of heart! It looks a little awkward in photos, but like a lot of Helmut pieces it is very different and a lot more chic in real life! It doesn't look weird or odd at all, just very COOL. It looks great with longer tops (i.e. kinetic jersey top is PERFECT with it) and skinny jeans. I like to keep my pancake butt covered so this works well for me.
  11. Mia, your collection is amazing! You have great taste.

    I just started getting into Helmut Lang recently and I only have 2 pieces so far. I'm a 5'1.5" shorty so it's tough for me to buy dresses and pants. I tried on an asymmetric dress at the Sak's Outlet and I'm kicking myself for not getting it since it was an extra 30% off the sale price. I did get this top though. I'm going to Vegas this weekend so maybe I'll return with more pieces. I love the simplicity of Helmut Lang and how everything just drapes so beautifully.
    image-883138501.jpg image-4109445565.jpg
  12. hello HL lovers - thanks for all the model pics. i'm convinced that HL is best for tall and slender types, which i am not. that said, i will say that i was a big fan of HL clothing in the olden days (teehee, i am 'older' :cool:), and for many years, after the man himself left the company, there was too much inconsistency for me. these days i think they have settled into a comfortable hip groove again. i love that they have the best asymmetrical tops out.

    i've still got, and will never get rid of, my Helmut Lang Tuxedo from his 'bondage' series. it's got strange mystery straps inside the jacket, but the tailoring is exquisite for ready-to-wear. when i wear it, i feel like the YSL smoking woman. perhaps one day i will gain enough courage to be photographed in it and show that photo here :lol:

    i just dived in and got a pair of the patina leather leggings (thanks for comments on fit mia bella) but they have not arrived yet. what will i wear them with, i wonder, as i have long since gotten rid of my Fiorentini & Baker infinity boots??? ;)
  13. thanks mia for starting this thread... and you look so amazing in your HL!!!

    HL is my go to brand for leather leggings and have 2 old ones...
    And scattered random pieces : dress, top and pair of pants...

    I agree about their draping.. it is one of the best... kind of fitted rick owens and gareth pugh!!!

    Love to see kristydarling and jellybebe here as well!!! :smile:
  14. Caroline's style is so dreamy. And she owns it!

    Love that sweater and the voile drape top is calling to me!! I thought I would be a terrible enabler by starting this thread but you guys are definitely doing some enabling right now. I think I need that top!!!!

    Thank you Minda! The top from pic #4 is by Acne. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/111340

    Wow, thank you Kristy! You are the sweetest. :flowers:

    The asymmetrical bra isn't lined and you're right, it's not very stretchy. It has some give in the lower elastic part (the shelf) but I think it's made to be very secure and to hold your girls in place. The funny part about the bra is the strap that goes around your neck. At first it's awkward to get your head in there, but once you do it gets easier every time. Just don't be afraid to pull a little when getting your head in there. Don't do your hair before putting it on. Haha. You can wear it that way or you can pull both straps to one side.

    I don't wear pasties but I have worn a strapless bra underneath without any problems. I'm really small up top so my bras are small and my bra fits under there just fine without poking out. For reference I am a 34A and use a Biofit 7-way bra from VS.

    It's a really cool piece and looks great under open-knit sweaters, sheer tops and low cut tops. Definitely size UP. I'm almost tempted to buy another as backup.

    Thank you! You're starting your HL collection off right because I LOVE that top. After I saw your post I totally went to Saks Off 5th AND NM Last Call (luckily..or unluckily?...they're both in the same mall, right next to each other) and I got a killer deal on an HL top! It's not yours (bummer!) but still a very cool piece.

    That tux jacket sounds incredible. Do share if you'd like! Myself and I'm sure the other ladies here would love to see it. :girlsigh:

    Which color Patina leggings did you get?? :nuts: I'm glad I could help you with size. I hope they fit like a dream when you get them. Fingers crossed.

    I love wearing my Eternitys with leather leggings! Makes the pants more casual and effortless. To me leather leggings can come off so serious (they're expensive and such a statement piece) so wearing them with this type of boot is like, I'll wear these wherever and whenever I damn well please! :cool:;) Did you get rid of your Eternitys because or fit or just not happy with them?

    Thank you, doll! I'm glad to see you! It's always a pleasure to talk with you and fawn over your beautiful pieces! How are those HL leather leggings of yours holding up? I'd imagine well! They're so beautifully made. Such great fashion investments.
  15. yup, I own both a bra and a tank and this is all true. although I do find the tank which I sized up in to stretch out after hours, I could have stayed with my regular size. I'm also a 34a and just wear them braless. the SAs at my local store told me next it will come in a blueish grey.

    mia, I am sooo jealous of your legs and the fact that you can wear all the pants so well. I'm slim but short and pear shaped so those styles would just never work on me.