Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone SAMPLE SALE

  1. i'm so surprised nobody posted anything about this.

    www.clothingline.com (i think that's the sight) is having their weekly sale . this week theyre having Helmut Lang and Rag&Bone

    I was wondering if anybody went to it yet and would like to share the details (crowded, prices, etc.???) I'm more interested in the Helmut Lang prices and selection. please let me knowwwww

    261 w. 36 st. (btwn 7th and 8th ave.)
    2nd floor
    new york new york

    open only wed-friday
    wed. is 10-7 pm, 10/31
    thurs. is 10-7pm, 11/1
    fri. is 10-6pm, 11/2

  2. nvmmm... lol i went today for the last 5 minutes. for anyone who cares, it was something like $125 for pants and $185 for blazers. i think tshirts for $85. thats all i can remember haha
  3. Yep I went the sample sale at 10:30
    It was not very crowded
    I bought 4 sweaters from Helmut Lang which I spent about $500?
    One sweater I bought is currently selling at Barneys at retail price of over $450
    and I paid only $155
    the most expensive top was 155.
    jackets are 185
    leather jackets are 350 I guess (original price was about 1000)
    pants are about 125?

    They are all nice and currently selling at retail stores.
    Most of them are this season and some are last year
    Anyway I ended up getting 2 tanktops, 4sweater and paid $570 which was absolutely great deal.
    I personally like the Helmut Lang so I was very pleased with the price and the quality of sample sales.
    They said they have short of size P but others are pretty stocked.
  4. Did anyone happen to see an asymmetrical wool blazer there? (and in P)
    It's from a 1-2 seasons ago.

  5. yeah there is !
    I bought that a year ago 505:wtf:
    but it was only 185
  6. I've been obsessed with the rag and bone camden dress. I wonder if it was there. I hope someone gets it and puts it on eBay in my size since I can't go to the sale. :sad:
  7. the items you mentioned the prices, is it Helmut Lang, or Rag and Bone?

    Does anyone know Helmut Lang stuff are old things (when Helmut himself was
    still designing his line), or new stuff from their new designers?

  8. omg!! i really wanted that blazer but i never saw it in person so i didn't get it from Shopbop.

    do you love it?? my friends in ny right now. debating if i should have her drop by for me.
  9. I bought the jacket today for 95$ and the matching super 130s wool pants as seen on shop bop. Total suit cost - 160$. Originally 700$ pretty sweet. Everything was amazingly organized and an extra 25% off for the last day.
  10. that's such a steal!!

    i hope they bring it over to LA
  11. oooh i wish i knew about the extra 25% off. it would have changed my mind on certain items. the prices i believe are for both helmut lang and rag and bone. they put both names on the price list