Hell's Kitchen

  1. Does anyone watch ???
  2. I do! It's my favorite summer reality show until Project Runway starts!
  3. I DO I DO!!! I'm obsessed - i missed it last nite though, someone tell me what happened!!!!
  4. I watch it, too. Although I liked Top Chef much better than this show.
  5. I was in and out of it last night , imissed all the good stuff. But rachel is gone ....I have to watch the repeat next week
  6. I didn't like top Chef as much. I love Ramsey and how he gets away with talking so much crap to them. I would be ready to whoop his :censor: !
  7. I know! It's like every other word is a curse word or ridicule. He's so incredibly mean to the poor little chefs-in-training. Still watch it though, too entertaining!
  8. me me me! i watch this show. i like how gordon ramsey is like really nasty in his kitchen, cursing and all, throwing food, and when he is away from the kitchen, he is like human again. i remembered last season, when the customers went up to him, asking why their food weren't ready and that they have been waiting forever, he just told them, to f. off if they are not happy. he doesn't care who he is mean to. i love the show anyways, very entertaining!
  9. no, but the kitchen manager at work is OBSESSED with it so i feel like i do. :yes: the chef on that show is his idol. :Push:
  10. I saw it last night, and I usually don't watch reality TV. I can't stand that Sara girl ...:rant:
  11. She is a sneaky one
  12. Yeah, although I've only seen two episodes, it looks like she's the meanest one! She rationalized it by saying that she did it because she wanted to stay. Yeah it's true but she obviously didn't realize that if she wants to be the chef of the restaurant, she also needs to learn about team work! I think Christina made the WRONG choice in not nominating Sara to be on the chopping block because regardless of how great a chef Sara may be, having someone with that kind of character in the restaurant is bad news for everyone ...

    I like Heather and the guys!
  13. I love this show! It's very exciting and you never know what will happen or what he will say next! I'm glad they made a second season.

    "Where is the (bleeep) risato?", LOL!!
  14. People think Simon loves being harsh...he's nothing compare to Chef Ramsey.
    Love Chef Ramsey but he will kill my passion for cooking if I was in the show.
  15. I can't beleive the stuff that Chef Ramsey gets away with!!
    He swears at them, belittles them and sometimes even thows things at them!
    He is one mean SOB!!!