Hell's Kitchen

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  1. Anybody else watch this? its such a guilty pleasure of mine. i get a kick out of him yelling at them :lol: tonights comments jason was saying about woman made me want too :boxing: anyways... Come and talk about this season. let us know who you think is going to win :smile:
  2. My BF and I love this show, I think Ben who's an electrician/former chef could go pretty far. Yeah I hope Jason goes soon, he's really annoying. I like How Ramsey decided to send home his choice over Corey's picks.
  3. i haven't finished the episode yet :shame:

    i agree with his decision! :tup:
  4. I just finished watching it and I have to say I love this show, although I would probably run away crying if he yelled at me like that....LOL. I think his choice of who should go home was good.
  5. but sometimes i wonder how in the world they find these people who are executive chefs, personal chefs etc. but yet make sooo many mistakes when on the show.

    and yes, i agree with his decision.
  6. This seasons's cast has not presented a favorite for me yet like in past seasons. I think he made the right choice last night getting rid of the wannabe make-up obsessed chef! When I was in NY I ate at his restaurant and it was very exciting...
  7. I really like Gordon Ramsey. He only wants the best and not a bumbling idiot.

    I don't think some of the contestants know the basics is because it has been a long time since they did anything basic. The give some pretty basic recipes like on Top Chef also and the majority of them can't make anything simple. It is also no excuse for not knowing the restaurant menu. Stop drinking at night and start studying.
  8. I :heart: Chef Ramsey.
  9. So glad this show is back. I love Gordon.

    Jason is the worlds biggest a-hole. I couldn't believe his horrible sexist comments. I really hope he's the next to go.
  10. OMG I LOVE Gordon so much. I watch this and Kitchen Nightmares (US & UK versions) He cracks me up especially when he calls them a Donkey. Or how about when he called the kid a walking toilet brush?? Sooo funny.

    The only thing I dont get is why do these people with limited talent come on his show? I would prefer more talented people like on Top Chef. But then maybe Gordon couldn't get away with his antics than LOL.
  11. Did anyone watch Tues. episode?

    Warning..Spoiler ahead. Scroll past my post if you haven't seen the episode yet!

    I'm so glad that....Jason got sent home!!:yahoo:He was such as chauvinistic pig!
  12. I agree! This show is great! The comments Jason made tonight! :boxing:
  13. Jason looked amazing getting into the hot tub.....so graceful!!
  14. I really like this show. When Ramsay led Matt out of the kitchen by his hand tonight, too funny.

    I was sorry to see him go as I thought he was a great source of amusement!
  15. He was definetly a great source of amusement, but he was starting to get annoying. I think that they cut him out at just the right time!!! I think that Jen is going to the end, although I am not sure that she deserves it.