Hell's Kitchen Season 5 Starts on Jan 29 9/8c

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  1. I cant wait!! lol I love this show :smile: i hope its better then the past season. :smile:
  2. Gordon Ramsay knows he owns my life. If my school had BBCA, I'd be glued to The "F" word and Kitchen Nightmares every day!
  3. Let the cursing and yelling begin! LOL.
  4. I love Gordon!! You know I have read several articles about him actually being VERY nice and sweet away from the cameras. :smile:

    I can't wait for this to start! Me & my brother are hooked on this show! We watch re-runs on Canada's Food Network & they don't censor nothing! Last week was teh epsidoe where Gordon yells at that girl who is cooking with her tongue hanging out. He starts screaming "Who the @#$& do you think you are? Hannibal Lector? You make me sick! Put your #*%$#@^& tongue back in your mouth!"
  6. LOL..I agree :tup:

    :rant::censor::mad: <----Gordon " What the bloody hell is this...it's RAW...what are are you doing"

  7. yay its starts in an hour and 8 minutes! :smile:
  8. I didn't even realize there was a new season! I'll be watching tonight though. Is it still on FOX?
  9. We're glued to it! It certainly is entertaining. Can't believe one of the women used a dirty pan to start another dinner......
  10. Woo hoo, I like to watch HK and the Kitchen Nightmares! Very entertaining, but I don't think I could cook under so much pressure.

    Compass Rose, that lady was also the cooking instructor! Gordon doesn't seem to let her forget it. I see alot more yelling at her! But her pan was the one she had just used for the same dish, so it's not really dirty per se but I guess he likes clean pans for every dish.
  11. that cooking instructor and lacy need to go!! that one girl saved their butts by being rated highly!
  12. Arrrgghhhh i hate Lacey so much! I wanted to slap my TV!!!

    Ewwww that 12 inch ginger pube comment was gross!
  13. ^^ gross but kinda true. you can't have long facial hair like that because it's bound to fall into the food!
  14. I cracked up at that comment!

    sometimes I wonder if some of these cooks ever watch the show? it's pretty much guaranteed that you would have to make a risotto on the show...so why wouldn't they try to brush up on their skills beforehand?
  15. Wow that Colleen chick was a waste. Her Risotto looked like burnt tunafish. Chef was floored that she gets paid to teach people to cook LOL! And what was up with her pots of noodles everywhere? She obviously didnt watch last season DURRRR!

    Funny he calls the other kid Forrest LOL!!

    Overall they seem older than past seasons which is good!! And alot seemed to be good except for that dumbass Lacey. I died when she said she was pretty, how conceited!

    Gawd I love Chef Ramsey. Do any of you watch "The F Word" he cracks me up!! I would kill to me him one day!