Hell's Kitchen Season 3 (FOX)

  1. oh my! does anyone else watch this? LOVE this show. LOVE it! :tup: the new season started 2 weeks ago and DH and I just love watching Gordon Ramsay :smile: He is such a hoot! I'm so rooting for the short cook chef this season. I was so annoyed with the way they treated her in the 1st episode :cursing: What is up with Aaron??? :wtf: He cries for everything! lol The girls NEED to get their act together and stop the in fighting.. makes me so upset!
  2. :heart::heart::heart: This show!!!

    Aaron drives me nuts! :weird:
  3. I love it, but I can't wait to see it uncensored when it airs in Canada.

    I feel bad for Aaron but at the same time, he aggrivates me. He has no business being there.
  4. Aaron would be a whole lot easier to watch on TV if he would not CRRYYYYYY every time Gordon Ramsay looks his way
  5. I :heart: this show. I'm really shocked that Aaron has lasted this long. That was weird when he just sort of zoned out when Gordon was talking to him. I don't think he passed out though. People who I've seen pass out usually fall over not sit down in a chair.
  6. Who the HELL picks food out of the trash?!?! I don't care if she washed it, it was a flagrant health code violation. George Constanza picks food out of the trash ("It was on the top perimeter of the trash can. It was fine." It was out of the TRASH.)

    Thank GOD another Red Team member picked that up (and she must be praising everything that's holy Ramsey didn't catch that. She'd get the cursing out of a lifetime.)

    I saw the rancid crab, but I missed the ambulance. What happened?
  7. I'm watching this now and will get back about it. BTW, in the kitchen it is a 3 second rule. If you pick it up within 3 seconds, its still good to sell. Read Kitchen Confidential. Tis true.
  8. I realized he's much scarier when he gets all quiet. You expect him to just haul off and curse someone out. So when he does completely the opposite, it's unsettling.
  9. I LOVE this show....

    Gordon makes me scared a bit when I watch it...I'd be in the corner just like Aaron, crying my eyes out!

    I was sorry to see Aaron get sick..but glad he left the show. He had no business being there.

    My early prediction for the winner: I think Rock has a shot at it...and I'm also rooting for the underdog this year...Julia...
  10. Love this show! I'm totally rooting for Julia, the "waffle house" cook.

    I wonder what "serious illness" Aaron has?
  11. So Aaron was taken away in an ambulence?
  12. ^yeah Aaron was taken in the ambulance. The guys team was in the kitchen and Aaron fell back wards into the counter. I too wonder what illness he has.
  13. i haven't seen ep. 3... but aaron has to stop crying.
  14. This is my first season watching and i have to say it's pretty funny. Although i can't imagine where they find these "chefs" b/c they all seem clueless.

    I love the Waffle House cook and can't stand the red-head with the horrible Staten Island accent. Everytime she talks it's like nails on a chalkboard!
  15. I think Julia and Rock have the best chance. Otherwise where did they find these people?? Most of them seem like total airheads. Makes for good reality tv though.