HELLPPPPP me find it!!!!

  1. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/products/mn/NMV7449_mn.jpg

    I have been dying to have this bag in any other color but white and black. PLEASEEEE help me find one! eBay, anything I just want it. Everytime I call a store and ask if they have it they mix it up with shopper. What is the correct name and where can I find it!!!!
  2. I have also heard it called the US shopper. But that hasn't helped me track it down. I understand it was a 2006 style that is not in production any longer.....
  3. Yes, it's the called the US SHOPPER, and it's discontinued. When you inquire about it, you have to make sure you tell the SA that it's from '06 and it's NOT open on the top, it has the same zippers as the classic paddy. Otherwise, they will mix it up with the current shopper tote that opens like a shopping bag...There are a few around of these, although very hard to find! But the girls from PF came through! I just bought a jaune (yellow) colored one on cricketliverpool.com and I am hoping to get it this week or next. They are showing that they have the taupe (they call it camel), and the mousse as well. It's not discounted, but they say they have it in stock. It's probably my favorite style of the paddington.:love: I have been collecting these all year...they are from spring/fall '06 There is another thread about this bag so maybe that would be helpful. You can see them on eBay from time to time but you have to beware of the fakes:smile: Good luck:yes:

  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I just heard from Della at Cricketliverpool.com and they are out of the tote (US Shopper) except for the gray (which I surmise is the mousse). I had ordered it in the mustard last wednesday, never heard a thing from them. Roz (from roz77772002 on eBay) was kind enough to call, and finally got to talk to Della who told her that my bag would be sent out today. I was thrilled, and then got an email saying the same thing...so I thought everything was cool. (Not so fast!) I then got another email about an hour later informing me that they were out of stock of all the colors except gray, (which I have already.) So, needless to say, I was royally duped...
    They have pictures on their website of bags they haven't had in ages...so just be aware that what you think you are ordering, may not be available at all. Their communication is terrible. I emailed and emailed, no reply. Finally after Roz called, I did get an email, and they said that the email person, was "out all week." Right...:rolleyes: In any case, the bottom line is, no mustard US for me...:crybaby:
    But if anyone wants a gray one....
  5. What a bummer!!!! :sad:
  6. Oh, you are not kidding...nothing like waiting for a paddington that doesn't materialize...I think I'm going to eat a huge chocolate bar or something! So depressed...:crybaby:
  7. Oh, beanie, I am so sorry!! Maybe one will turn up. Chocolate does help. Will keep an eye out for you!
  8. Get right back on that horse Beanie. Time to start hunting for another purse. And this one might show up eventually!
  9. For all of you looking for the US shopper which has been discontinued, there's one on bluefly.com this am in whiskey and I think it's real:smile:
    Go for it:smile: