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  1. i want to buy a pochette. i am thinking of getting the mini in damier ebeny and azur. how much of a different is the sizes of the mini vs the regular. Also what can you fit in the mini?
  2. i tried the mini one last week... and i didnt get it... because i wanted something bigger... but i can fit my iphone and ludlow wallet in it.

    i think mini is like half size of the pochette... like almost half of it... and i think the mini is cuter than the pochette.
  3. okay so i have my iphone money and a couple credit cards and lip gloss. would that fit?
  4. Definitely. I have the mini in Azur and think it is adorable for when you just want to carry a wristlet type of bag.
  5. heres picture of mini...
    I put iphone, couple cards and lipgross and there was quite a lot of room still
    hope this helps

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  6. yes thank you all! now hopefully i can just stop by today or tomorrow and pick it up!
  7. If you want to use them as a bag you should definately get the regular pochette... Here's what fits in mine:

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  8. ^^ ITA, the mini is REALLY small, and I mean really small. IMO, its cute to use as an organizer in a purse, but as an actual purse like to go out, etc. it looked to small, I felt like I was using a child's bag, which is why I got the regular pochette. I have one in Azur and one in Black MC, love them:heart: