Hellp! Classic flap sizes

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  1. I went today to purchase the classic flap ( caviar) and I am torn on what size to get. I know there is a mini, small ($1695), medium($1995) and jumbo. I am 29 and 5'2 and can't decide between the small or the medium. I know there isn't much difference in size, but I will mostly be wearing it out at night. Which size should I get??? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. If you think about resell it someday then medium is more popular.
  3. Medium. =)
  4. defo the medium. My friend who is the same height as you tried on the small and it was teeny!
  5. med!!!

    i'm 5'2" also.....i'm waiting my first flap to arrive this weekend!!! =D great size, i think!!!
  6. I am also 5' 2" but of course overweight. I actually like the jumbo just because I can carry more stuff and it's versatile enough for a day bag. But if you have only small and medium to consider, MEDIUM would be a better bet.