Hellooooo Gorgeous!!!!!

  1. SHE'S HERE! Madame Kelly has just arrived! Omg.....:heart: :heart:

    I'll post some pics later because I really want to share her with you, my friends. Right now, I'm just simply in awe.

    For a 40+ dame, she's lookin' GOOD!

    I'm going to take her out today....she deserves it after being cooped up in a brown box and flown overseas in a cramped FedEx plane.....

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Oh so happy for you! You must be thrilled! Cannot wait to see pics! Congratulations to you and Mizz Kelly on Madame Kelly's arrival!
  3. congratulations! i can't believe we forgot to make you fill out 2 "waiting room" lists. the one for this bag - why: fedex hasn't come by yet... ding dong, hang on a minute, nevermind. :lol: :flowers:

    i will check back for pictures later. try to do one of you holding her if you can. i can only imagine the happy happy feeling you have right now. like being 5 again and having a birthday. :heart:
  4. Oh, how beautifully put HiHeels....it's just like that!

    If you guys aren't sick of me yet, I'll post pics later....
  5. well that's the thing. usually desires and needs get more complicated and diluted when you "grow up" - so many factors, etc. as a child, it's a simple thing, to want something and get pure happiness from it. a dream realized. glad you found a way to have some pure happiness.
  6. OK, I couldn't wait......here she is!!!!!
  7. f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. She is gorgeous, Shopmom! What a beautiful color combination - very classy :cool:
  9. Mmmmm, vintage. How different is she from the modern bags? Does the interior pocket have a zipper?
  10. Woo-hoo! Congrats! She's gorgeous!
  11. she looks great!! congrats!!
  12. What a beautiful combination. Congratulations!
  13. she is simply stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. :love: I love your bag. I mean really love it :love: :love:. Beautiful, classic Hermes :smile:
  15. i am fainting WHAT A BEAUTY :rochard: :rochard: