helloooo! any olympe stratus gm pics?

  1. hi! was wondering is any owners or people in the know- have pics of someone holding/modelling with a straus gm! it seems huge and i need to know how it looks.... help?:confused1:
  2. Iam around 5 5'', so hope this helps!
    It's a great bag, but I can't keep it.

  3. ^^It looks great!
  4. Lolly, it looks grreeat!
  5. oh lolly! u r sooo pretty and beautiful! and the gm is indeed grande! wow! i saw the measurements and im like - that is so much bigger than my ursula! so yes this helps alot! and i have the pm --- thanks so much for the pic. i have made the right decision! and why cant u keep it? :sad:
  6. Match made in heaven, Lolly! Hope you decide to keep it!
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. Lolly I agree the GM looks great on you!
  9. It's massive but I love how it looks!
  10. Gorgeous bag!
  11. I love this bag!