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  1. right okay. so i was wondering if anyone here could tell me where i would be safe (as in no fakes) to buy this bag.

    this bag right here is definitely every dream bag i've ever wanted in one.

    looks to me like a bag i'd carry it on my elbow...

    one braided SQUISHY lookin strap.






    i really want it.

    so tell me, where would i aquire such bag, if i could scrape the funds?

    haha just tell me that this right here:

    (boo the picture doesn't work)

    is a trustworthy site and i am going to be saving very quickly. my tax return might look just like that purse soon haha...

    PS: ANY info on this bag would be greatly appreciated. tyty.
  2. Styledrops is AUTHENTIC and very reliable.Ive ordered many things from them with no probs!!!GO GET IT GIRL!!
  3. So Cute! Go for it and then send us pictures!
  4. oh em gee. the adventure begins. mind you we're up to eyeballs in bills right now, but i just very recently opened a savings account which just turned into a purse account. oi! oo i'm excited. so i work at the deli in shaws supermarket. this is gonna take a minute haha... but as soon as i can get my taxes done (i know i know... i need to move my ass) the closer i will be to mmm... that bag is so purrfect.

    oi ladies. i can't wait to be part of this here club. i've fallen so in love with prada and miu miu lately it's not even funny. it's not necessarily a purchase i'll be able to make all the time... but this here is my next bag if i can help it!
  5. PS has anyone been to prada.com lately? the bags and whatnot on there are to DIE for... i go in like i'm from the uk :blush: to peek at what i cannot afford... i'd like one of each in each color please and thank you. the colors are totally my palate! ooo yay fun colored leather!
  6. ViciousBliss...

    OMG is right... that purse is TDF!!! I hope you get your tax return soon so we can see more pics of that bag! Absolutely cute... Did you see the ad with all three colors of this style? So yummy!
  7. i was actually JUST wondering if i could MAYBE score a diff color without going to a boutique cuz well, i won't be able to go to one pfft... cuz the blue one is SCREAMING my name, but my fave color is purple and really, the first one i posted is ideal... eek. haha i'm afraid to buy a bag of this caliber, i'm afraid i won't be able to stop!


    i use the HELL out of my bags. if i spend a plethora of money on a bag, honestly i'm not gonna want to baby it. i want the leather to age and whatnot... is that scary to hear? would yall highly recommend the baby treatment...?

    i know i know, i've never spent this kind of money on a bag so i don't get it but i know myself and my bag goes EVERYWHERE with me... shamefully enough, the floor of my car which isn't always the prettiest sight. am i going to end up carrying my dustbag everywhere? eek.

  8. Well i think the purse you chose (either blue or purple) would suit you just fine. With the dark colors and the harlequinn design, I think you can take this purse with you anywhere. Sure you don't have to baby it... but you still have to be reasonably careful if you want it to last you a long time.

    I don't baby my purses (they also gone over, in between, and under stuff, on table tops, on some floors [no restroom floors!!!], and once even in my trunK), and they're still in tiptop condition. I find the leathers are not only smooshy as heck, they're also durable!

    Don't be afraid to use your bag when you get it! It's too pretty to hide in a dust bag :smile:
  9. thank you for that, i wish more ppl would speak up so i knew how everyone felt about the durability and potential longstanding of this leather. haha it may be expensive but it was definitely the first thing i thought about when i woke up this morning! i think since the purple one haunts my brain at this point thats the direction i'll be going in for the purchase hehe...
  10. I actually just ordered this bag as well and am so anxious to get it. I know that someone else from tPF bought this bag as well and the only complaint I think she had was that the opening on top was a bit small. I'll look for the post.

    When I receive mine, I think that I will start using her as my everyday bag (to give my poor coffer a little vacation). I am very curious myself to see how well this distressed calfskin wears. I am like you, I don't have time to baby my everyday bags. I baby some of my other ones, but not the everyday bag.

    I found the post:

    New season harlequin Miu Miu bag!
  11. Oh, by the way, this bag comes in 2 sizes. The one that Vanilla has is the smaller of the two. The larger one has only one braided strap and the smaller has 2. I ordered the same bag that you posted from Styledrops.com. with the single braided handle.

    Just thought I'd share that with you. The bag is also available at the Miu Miu store in NY ( the Madison Ave. store I believe). ;)
  12. thank you for all this awesome info. PLEASE PLEASE post pictures as soooon as you get it! Harlequin... haha i love the name, very sexy. what color did you choose?

    and PLEASE keep me posted on the quality/durability/wearability of this leather. i'm glad i'm not the only gal out there who will use the hell out of her bag. i'm sure i'll purchase a bag one day that i will baby, but for a special occasion or something. this bag would definitely be an all day every day bag for me!

    so excited to chat it up with ppl who are lovin this bag... it's divine!
  13. I ordered the exact bag that you posted in your OP. The pink, purple, black one! I was like you......I fell immediately in love with it. I tried to stop thinking about it and just couldn't. At that point, I knew I had to have it!! :love:
  14. haha i definitely slept on it and woke up with it dancing around in my head... i swear it's fate. i've never seen a bag with ALL of those qualities before. i must own it! you ordered it from Styledrops right? what kind of time frame do you think i have to buy this bag?
  15. oh jeez for like 2 days now i've been trying to remember this word:



    i would love to see what this leather looks like after it's grown its natural patina. i don't have oodles of experience with expensive leather but i've experimented with the Blond Kooba Bonnie, who's never been treated. she's been through rain snow wind dirt etc. i do keep her off nasty floors, but i treat her just like i would almost any other bag... the patina she's grown is divine and i wouldn't do a thing different.

    opinions on Miu Miu leather and the quality of their patina?

    Something interesting i found on patinas (moreso for the pictures than the blurb...):


    the "leather glossary definition" of Patina...

    Patina: The aura or luster that develops in a quality piece of leather with age.

    i want to experience this bag... from start to finish! what kind of Patina does YOUR Miu Miu leather have?