1. I think this is my first thread or maybe second in this Forum.

    I'm new to Gucci Forum as I always be around on LV and Chanel Forum.
    Any reasons why you guys like Gucci? :confused1:

    For me, I rarely bought full-price Gucci. I always waiting for the sale period.

    My sister want a new bag for her Birthday and she prefered Gucci. Any ideas ,please??? I didn't go to Gucci Boutique for a long long time and have no ideas which one is good. I went to visit the site but I want to have other people ideas especially Gucci fans.

    My sister is 18 years old and she like tote style.

    Thank you! ;) I hope you guys will have a great ideas.

  2. I'm 19, i have a jolicoeur tote that I just bought that I am in love with, and I don't really even like totes!
  3. Hey!
    Im 18 also and thought id help you out giving you my opinion on some gucci bags id LOVE to own!

    At the moment i only own the abbey shoulder bag but i adore this bag so much, i cant speak highly enough of it.






    i love all the bags above and some ill post in another post, All the bags come in various colours which again i love having the option of and numerous sizes! for example the brit tote i love in the bigger size and the princey tote i love in the bigger size also but i posted the smaller ones because i dont know which size your sister prefers
  4. i like the princy tote. the bag looks great in both the medium and large.
  5. Here is the britt tote i love, and a correction to the sentence above the princey tote is the large one not the smaller one however there is a smaller one too which is just as gorgeous!


    sorry the ones of mine wont upload :push: but theyre on the gucci subforum somewhere...
  6. What's the budget Vicky?
  7. About 600 pounds ( around 1200 $ )
  8. Thanks Gucci girl, I think it is one of a great bag.
  9. Would you rather get a leather or monogrammed bag?
  10. I like either the Britt canvas tote in brown trim or the Joli couer..I think its age appropriate for her too..good luck and WELCOME to the Gucci forum!
  11. One of the Britt canvas bags...very age appropriate, but will also be a great, lasting piece! :yes:
  12. I really love the Britt line. As a matter of fact I just got the Britt hobo