1. Hi,

    My name is Irina and I am a new member.

    First I think this website is great.

    I have a dilemma. I fell in love and purchased an LV Epi leather 25 speedy bag in black and I wore it a few times and the bag is in excellent condition brand new. Although it’s a beautiful bag, it is very uncomfortable, since you can only hold it in your hand and if you put a lot of things in it, it is heavy to hold in the hand. Although I like the way it looks, I think I should sell it on eBay. These bags go for about 400 bucks. Is it worth it to sell it or not for this price? Or keep it because it’s a classic.

  2. how did this get here?
  3. I just wrote to Selena the same thing!
  4. It was accidentally moved here instead of the LV forum..LOL..Itll be moved in a min
  5. It's a classic. I'll just keep it really.
  6. First of all, welcome! Second, I wouldn't keep it if you don't use it..you don't think it's comfortable so I'd sell it and get something I know I'd use, if I were you.
  7. I know what you mean about the inconvenience of carrying a Speedy at times. The black epi is beautiful, but if you're not going to use it, you may want to sell it and get something else that you'll be happy with. Good luck!

    Welcome to tPF!
  8. i think you should sell it if you dont like it...
  9. If it's been less than 14 days you can return it- but if it's been longer and you won't get much use out of it, I'd sell it. Just remeber to take a pic of the receipt and include the original box and shopping bag if you still have them-they can really drive up the value of the bag.