1. Hi, I'm new here. I figured I'd say hello in this forum since I'm really here for the MJ posts mostly.

    I adore Marc Jacobs (obviously), although I don't own too much in the way of handbags yet due to cost constraints (being in grad school leaves little time to make extra money). I have the MBMJ carry all in blue and I really love it. It's just the right size for me. I got it in November for my birthday and we have been inseperable since. Haha. I also have a few pairs of shoes and accessories here and there that I treat like my children.

    What I really have my eye on right now is the non-quilted zip clutches. I'd love to get one of these in a pretty color on sale.. not sure when that will happen.. but it will eventually!

    Anyway, hi everyone :smile:
  2. Welcome!! Although you've missed many of the big winter sales you should eventually be able to find a ZC on sale in the Post Mj Sale Sightings Here! thread. Good luck!:smile:
  3. ^ Hi, welcome to tPF.
    SOFT CALF Zip Clutch sometimes go on sale, you will be able to have one. =)
  4. Hi! I'm new, too, and everyone in this forum has been so sweet and helpful. I'm on the hunt for a Stella or MP, and the "Authenticate this MJ" thread is indispensable!

    I don't have any MJ bags, either...just a bunch of his shoes. But hopefully I will soon!
  5. There is a very pretty canary yellow clutch on sale for $175 only! I think its a steal for that price and the color is TDF!

    Pretty_Peroxide's MJ items

  6. welcome to tPF airmarket!


    that's a pretty zc weN84! :drool:
  7. i just bought the canary ZC. I think the color is TDF, thanks to the OP on mua.
  8. Hi airmarket and welcome!
  9. ^^^awww i missed the clutch....

    welcome airmarket, i am looking for the same exact thing :smile:
  10. Congrats on that! The color is just so gorgeous! :nuts:
  11. Hi and welcome! don't worry, you'll find plenty of deals, you just need to be quick!

    And congrats to scorpio on nabbing that canary yellow, it's TDF! don't forget to post pics when you receive it!
  12. Everyone here is so friendly. I'm definitely keeping an eye on that thread. Eventually I'll have one!

    Thanks so much! Ooh, that multipocket is nice too from that site.. haha.
  13. airmarket, is there a specific color that you're looking for for that ZC? I see quite a few on eBay. :smile:
  14. I think I'm going to steer clear of eBay.. too many chances to get ripped off & I'm too new at this. Plus the fear that they'll show a real picture and send me a fake. I'd rather buy from reputable vendors of MJ.

    I really like vibrant colors and fall colors ie. deep blues, greens, reds. I'm not so into brown or black. I have a colorful wardrobe as well!
  15. Welcome! I have a MMJ bowler and we're inseparable, too! Hope you get the clutch you want.