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  1. hello. i know a girl that gets purses for CHEAP or free from her dad because he works with these purses or somethin like that and she doesn't like them because she is a tom boy so she sells them for super cheap. i can get a prada purse from her for $35 when the msrp is like $300+. you think anybody on ebay would buy it? what should my starting bid be? i have no use for it since im a guy but i figure i can sell it for a good price to help someone out but still make a couple bucks. i was gonna post it up here but it says im not eligible to sell stuff yet.
  2. Are you certain they are authentic? Because it's illegal to sell fakes on eBay. First, check out authenticity; then look at completed sales on eBay for an idea of final bids. Usually starting low gets people interested.

    Yeah, there's no selling anywhere on the purse forum, except in the private marketplace and you have to be a member for awhile and submit an application.
  3. im positive they are authentic. thanks for the help
  4. where does her Dad work? Because wholesale isn't $35 and it seems a little unbelievable to be honest.
  5. If it's sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Can you post pics of the bag BEFORE you buy it in the Authenticate this thread in the Prada forum?
  6. ^ I agree. :yes:
  7. i'll post it up.

    SHE made up the price of $35. she gets them on the holidays for free from her dad cause hes some millionaire or somethin like that and SHE decides to sell for $35. i just had a coach bag from her yesterday. i should have took some pictures of it while it was here at my house but now my sister has gone back to college and she has it with her. i'll post some pics up of the bag when i get it (probably friday) and yall tell me if its real ok?