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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been lurking around here for a while now admiring all your fab collections, so decided it was about time I came out of the shadows and said hello!

    I finally purchased my first Louboutins in July (black patent Ron Rons), it was love at first sight, all my old shoes are feeling very neglected! Now despite telling myself "just the one pair" I have of course purchased my second! Totally couldn't afford full price again, but have excitedly just snapped up a pair of bargain nude Decolletes, can't wait for them to arrive and just wanted to share :smile:

    A x
  2. Hi! Welcome to our little addiction! :flowers:
  3. we won't tell :graucho::graucho: :P

    WELCOME!!!!!!! please post pictures! we love pictures!
  4. Welcome and congrats!! :biggrin:
  5. Welcome!
  6. Hello and welcome!
  7. :welcome2:

    Enjoy your new addiction!
  8. Hello and :welcome2:
  9. Welcome! The Decollete is my favorite style!
  10. :girlsigh:

    That's how it goes...you can't have just one. Welcome and congrats!!
  11. Hi!!

    Yep, it's never ending. I'd love to see some photos!
  12. Welcome to the obsession!
  13. Welcome! Congrats on your second pair! :smile:
  14. hello adeline and welcome to the addicting world of RED SOLES :hugs:
  15. Welcome to TPF!!:welcome: