1. Hi guys..
    I'm new to this forum. I'm a shopaholic:P and a huge fan of Coachs and Guccis. I'm definitely a newbie and will need tons of help finding authentic purses and handbags.
  2. Hi and Welcome, noobie (appropriate name, for now, at least! :biggrin: )! :welcome:
  3. welcome to Tpf ....

    u can loggin to Coach and Gucci sub forums .. there's an authentication threads at each sub forum., u'll find it sticked at the top of the sub forum.. :flowers:
  4. Welcome..... now Shop!!!:yes:
  5. Hi! I'm new also. Lots of fun here along with some really compassionate people when you need help. It's all good.
  6. Welcome!!
  7. hello and welcome to the forum.. enjoy it here..
  8. Welcome to the purse forum.....its very addictive..
  9. hiya! this is a great forum, and i don't think you'll be a "noobie" for long. welcome
  10. Welcome!!
  11. Welcome!:flowers::yahoo:
  12. Welcome! Hope you have a blast!
  13. Welcome....and consider yourself warned. After joining tPF your shopping and purse addiction is taken to a whole new level. :nuts:
  14. Welcome, enjoooy.
  15. Hello - hope you love it here as much as we all do!!!:flowers: