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  1. Hi all my name is Pedro and Ive been seeking a perfect duffle bag that ought to last me atleast a decade, and searching with brands like LV, D&G, Prada and what have you I ran into this brand which was unknown to me thanks to this forum. Now all of you knowledgable people have made me believe of mulberrys outstanding quality that I have made up my mind and am going hopefully for a Small Clipper duffle! :woohoo:
    My only question is , are the dimensions of the duffle acceptable to be considered a carry on duffle? The dimensions are 20.5"w, 14.5 l , 9.4"d .
    If any of you have it by any chance, could you please post some pics of the bag, Im curious to see what the suede interior looks like :yes:

    thanks so much,
  2. Hello Pedro and welcome to the forum! I dont own a Clipper myself, so I can't help with pictures, but I do wish you luck with your purchase. It sounds as if the Clipper would be a good choice for you and I hope you are going to be very happy with your new duffel bag!
  3. thank you vicky for responding and for your kind words, as I think the small clipper will definitely be a good choice for me granted I hear its all leather and I like that fact alot, plus this natural leather (darwin if im not mistaken) is supposed to be the best leather out there. correct? :drool: