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  1. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been around for awhile...I've been out of town for the last week and haven't had a chance to check in much. I hope everyone is doing well!!

    I have some somewhat good news...I got a letter from COACH today telling me that my Carly couldn't be fixed and that I have a credit. Now what to get!!! I sooo wish I could get a new Carly, I've heard that you can still order them through JAX in the Jaquard fabric instead of the Sateen, but I don't want to take anymore chances...though Carly is still my favorite Coach design, and I'll yearn for one everytime I see someone carrying one, I don't want to end up w/ a bag that keeps fraying after only a few uses. Soooo...what should I get?

    Do you guys know if you can still order an Ergo Pleated satchel through JAX anymore?? I'm thinking of calling and asking about it. What about the outlets...is there anything worth noting at the outlets?? I was going to get an Espresso sabrina, but I'm not sure now since I already have a Julianne.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I vote lgr espresso sabrina. I think she is so pretty and a little bit differnt than the julieanne.
  3. Thanks, mary G!
  4. Those ergo pleated satchels are at the outlets. I like the burnt orange, patent black and the parchment colors. I didn't get one, though.
    I'd want the light pink Sabrina if it were me. It's beautiful!
  5. sabrina so i have a one track mind
  6. I saw just about every color of the ergo pleated satchels at the Sevierville outlet a couple of weeks ago.
  7. How about a leather Carly? No fraying issues to worry about. :yes:
  8. I think OP had leather chili carly and a mahogany one if I recall correctly?
  9. Ahh....thank you!! I just called Waterloo though, and they don't do charge sends (?) not sure why, because Hagerstown does, I guess it depends on the individual store. I would normally go to Hagerstown if I am visiting my family, but since I'm home, the closest outlet to me is Waterloo. The next time I could possibly get to the outlet would be next week....but they won't save anything for me, so I don't know if it would be worth the trip (about 2.5 hrs.) if I'm not garanteed a bag I want. I would love to get the Large Sabrina, but I'm pretty sure DH doesn't want to add to the price...lol. I could get the small, but I don't know if I'd like it, I did see one IRL over the weekend, and it was tiny--it would make a great bag for all day shopping or something, but I normally try to stuff what a can into my bags...hmmm...I'm not really crazy about anything else on Coach.com.
  10. Thanks, GP! I did have two leather Carlys at one time, and they were gorgeous, but I guess I just love the way the sig. and the leather combines together...I just wasn't in love with them as much, so I no longer have them. Thanks though!
  11. Welcome back! I'd take the credit letter to the outlet...You're bound to find something there when you go. I seem to. ;)
  12. ^^^You're right...I'm sure I'd find something. Maybe I'll keep the credit and go to the outlet next week, if I don't find something, I'll wait until spring.
  13. i recently got the pleated ergo satchel in mahagony and it is beautiful. they are available at the outlets right now. which color u want to get?
  14. They give a credit for the carly's fraying? I think you should get a leather one, I LOVE my carly, I don't know what I'll do when she starts fraying. I would got leather in the first place if I had known...
  15. My vote goes for a large Sabrina or Julianne in another color!!! Those two are becoming my favorite bags of all time, I tell ya! If I could get a new one in espresso or teal, (or both honestly lol) with a % off I would jump on that like flies on poop:nuts:
    But, if your :heart: is not really feeling that way, I would wait to see what comes out in the new floorset, which is only a few days away! Yipee!!
    Oh and I used to have a burnt orange satchel that I thought was just gorgeous, but she never stayed on my shoulder right which ended up bugging the crap out of me so I sold her. It's a beautiful bag for sure tho!
    GL deciding LA!