1. i just took a picture of my bags...when i tried to post them up i couldn't. will someone help me...i also wanted to know how you write stuff on the pictures so no one can use them on ebay...thanks in advance!!!:yes:
  2. sign up for shutterfly and upload the photos. Shutterfly converts the images into url links and just copy and paste and your all set
  3. you can also try photobucket.com for url images.
    or.. you can go to GO ADVANCED option on the reply, and there's an option to MANAGE ATTACHMENTS, you can attach images that you store in your computer.
    for watermarks of your name on ebay, i used adobe photoshop software to add my name on the pics.
    good luck :P
  4. When you submit your collection thread it has to be first approved by Vlad (tPF king himself) so it won't show up right away. I hope that's what you are talking about.:smile:
  5. thanks everyone for your help. i just sign up with shutterfly, uploaded them, and post the links to them instead. thanks again...
  6. I meant photobucket, sorry LV-Fanatic.
  7. Did you try to submit the to Bag Showcase?

    Only a few of us can approve them. . . it can take a whole day or so if we're really busy or not on as much.