Hello =)

  1. Hey everyone I'm new here and I would like some opinions... I plan to get the Paradiso in a Mamma Mia style... I was planning to get the new printo coming out (amore) in a Mamma mia as well but I called pulsetl and they won't be receiving any mamma mias.. ( i think i read that they are discontinued) but anyhow I just recently got into tokidoki so I really don't know the sizes and stuff... I'm not sooo crazy over tiny small bags... I like big bags =) but not huge. Can anyone recomend any????
  2. Well when it comes to big I think the Mamma Mia might be a good size (Don't have one tho...)but I'm like you...I like bag like purses. I recently made a topic about the gioco and zucca and those 2 seem to be the ones I'm going for. Probably the zucca b/c it's a lot bigger than you think...well some girls have told me. I thought about the gioco too, it's big. Jen told me it's like a mini duffle bag....but it doesn't have any shape unless you fill it up so if you don't put a lot of stuff in the purse it looks bland. Zucca keep sit's shape though/
  3. Zucca is nice :smile:
  4. I have a Buon Viaggio, it's the Mamma Mia, but bigger and I love it. I bought the Campeggio but was not thrilled with the size. I like big bags.
  5. imo, the Buon Viaggo is not much bigger than the Mamma Mia so I think that'd be a good alternative. Also check out the Zucca & Giocco.
  6. thnk u all for ur opinions =)
  7. I don't have either by my sister just got an Inferno Buon Viaggio and I love the size. I hear it's bigger than the Mama Mia so if you like totes and you like the Mama Mia, this would be great.