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  1. Proven
    Money cannot buy class
    That trunk is wasted and become a trash
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  2. I'm surprised Goyard even allowed that personalization, unless it was done by a third party.
  3. :sick:
  4. Yes shame on goyard for allowing such tasteless words
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  5. I found this as one of those " news" items you see on Yahoo. It was actually the first one.
    I was really surprised that Yahoo permitted the F word to be seen on their website.
    It's sad that so many times when I log onto Yahoo one of the first news items is some garbage about the Kardashians such as what they wore last night.

    questions for everyone:
    now that the Kardashian followers have seen one of them with Goyard, do you think the market or reputation will change?

    Can someone please explain the Kardashian family to me? Are they as asinine as they seem to be or are they very clever marketers?
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  6. This isn’t the first time though that one of them has been seen with Goyard. Kourtney paraded a yellow STL GM around for quite awhile (maybe still does, IDK) and Kanye is a fan and has been for awhile.
    For that reason, no, I wouldn’t expect their market to change much, at least not in Goyard’s FAVOR.
    This is definitely the first time one of them has been seen with such a tasteless, classless piece. I said on the comments feed of the story I saw that I’ll be surprised if that’s real Goyard personalization because I find it difficult to believe they’d approve that for ANYONE not-famous; and if they made an exception for hers, then that’s terribly disappointing and really puts me off, not just because of it being a Kartrashian, but the whole one-policy-for-nobodies-and-another-policy-for-worthwhile-people is distasteful.

    What kind of person wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry that around in public....???
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  7. Sadly, I can't understand people's fascination for the Kardashians either. :facepalm:
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  8. The Kardashians are idiots - one and all. That said, they do hustle at their reality game. They work very hard at doing actually very little other than being on tv
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  9. I wonder if Goyard is going to start playing the Hermes game for bags now.
  10. What makes you think so?
  11. I remember when you could walk into a Hermes store and request a H or B and you would be able to get one. After certain well known people started using them, it brought on the waitlist and you had to build a relationship.
  12. Referring to goyard
  13. Yes, its the Goyard I'm referring to
  14. You can still walk into Hermès in some places and walk out with B or K. There’s several people here who have talked about that on other threads.
    Goyard isn’t Hermès. I’m very fond of my Goyard pieces, but they wouldn’t be able to pull off Birkin fever but for...idk what bag even. It wouldn’t work out, and they’re doing very well as it is.